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blog comment website list 2022 When it comes to building high quality backlinks, there are many effective off-page SEO methods you can use. Blog commenting in SEO is one such way that provides your sites with the right backlink. How can I tell you? OFF SEO Page Introduction | HOW TO CREATE BACKLINKS (Strong) 2021 – Read Advanced OFF-PAGE SEO

In this post, we will be highlighting a list of DA blog posts in 2022 and related points.


Many web pages will allow you to add a link to your website in your comments. This process of commenting on posting a link to your website is called Blog Comment. It is a profitable SEO method that drives web traffic.

The blog commenting process can be split into two- Manual & Default. Learn more about them in more detail.

1. Default Process

The default method involves the use of various tools to publish comments on multiple vehicles authorizing websites that comment on the blog. In this case, a list of blog commentary sites that are approved is required. These blogs are rating websites open and do not require self-administered moderators to be authorized to comment on various posts. SEO experts do not recommend these automated blog commenting sites and processes as most of them are spam.

2. The Personal Process

If you are looking for high quality and natural backlinks for your website then the hands-on process is very beneficial for you. As you publish comments based on actual content, you will surely receive authorization. In addition to building backlinks, the hand-crafted blog commenting process helps generate tons of traffic. Many DA blog commenting sites have moderators who must approve and refuse to comment. If you post a related comment on a particular blog post then it will be visible to others after approval.
What Are Natural Links? | HOW TO CREATE NATURAL (STRONG) CONNECTIONS 2020-21 | Expert Guide


You will find a list of benefits of using DoFollow’s best blog comment sites. Hopefully, these reasons convince you to start using this method to improve your product.

1. Better Expression

You can enjoy better exposure if you post meaningful comments on your niche blog blog sites. Millions of people use such sites every day. Therefore, when you receive approval from the moderator of the blog commenting sites to which you have submitted a comment, your comments with a link to your site will be distributed to a wider set of audiences.

2. Connect with Top Influencer

Communicating with leading industry promoters becomes easier if you choose the DA blog comment comment sites to post your comments. If you submit important comments early, you can get feedback from top promoters. With this, you can contact them.

3. Backlinks

Top blog commenting sites can help create backlinks to follow. Although some sites will not transfer link juice to your site. But by using the DoFollow blog commenting list provided below, you will make an effort to get backlinks that will give you higher authority and traffic.

4. Extra Traffic

If you post a very important comment on a blog comment site other readers will be forced to click on the URL of your site, thus generating traffic.

Among the other reasons for using the top DA and the list of free blog commenting sites are:

You will always have the opportunity to learn something new.
You can be contacted by successful bloggers if they find your comments and site content relevant.
Improve your writing skills.
It also helps to grow your followers on social media. People like to follow those who can provide solutions to their problems.
Your site may get a higher ranking in the SERP because of the link juice provided by these sites.
Your profile is also being upgraded, improving many opportunities in the online world.

Since you know the combined points for using blog commentary sites, you should ask yourself how they are used. The process is very simple!

The following tips will help you use blog commenting sites effectively to improve overall SEO.

1. Select Blog Posts Related to Your Niche

To reach your target audience set, it is wise to select only those blog commenting sites, related to your niche. Posting relevant comments will improve your link profile and help drive traffic to your website. To search Google for your niche related blog blogging websites, you should browse:

Niche + related keyword “add your comment”.
Niche + related keyword “submit your comment”.
Niche + related keyword “add comment”.
Niche + related keyword “” post a comment “

2. Reveal Your Personal Information

We suggest you sign up for these websites with real information, including your name, email id, and logo for your business. It’s easy to get comment approval when using real-time information.
3. Read Blog Posts Before Posting Comments

Not sensitive enough to scroll directly into the comment section without going through the content of the blog. Additionally, you should read the first few comments to understand what your comment should look like.

4. Post Relevant Comments

Make real and relevant comments on a blog post. Make sure you submit long content, usually 100 words or more, to make it look more relevant. Avoid spelling and grammar errors when using blog comment sites. Doing this will reflect your expertise and knowledge in your niche. With this, you can get the heart of the moderator and easily get authorization for comments.

5. The Habit of Quick Commenting Is Good

To make your comments more visible to others, you need to make a comment beforehand. This will help you get the attention of the top influences in your niche

Additionally, posting an interesting comment early can turn your comment into a long conversation. People are starting to make approve

Blog Comment Sites List

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31 Dec 2022 Dofollow
31 Dec 2022 Dofollow
31 Dec 2022 Dofollow
31 Dec 2022 Dofollow
31 Dec 2022 Dofollow
31 Dec 2022 Dofollow
31 Dec 2022 Dofollow
1 Dofollow
2 Dofollow
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4 Dofollow
5 Dofollow
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7 Dofollow
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10 Dofollow
11 Dofollow
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14 Dofollow
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16 Dofollow
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19 Dofollow
20 Dofollow
21 Dofollow
22 Dofollow
23 Dofollow
24 Dofollow
25 Dofollow
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27 Dofollow
28 Dofollow
29 Dofollow
30 Dofollow
31 Dofollow
32 Dofollow
33 Dofollow
34 Dofollow
35 Dofollow
36 Dofollow
37 Dofollow
38 Dofollow
39 Dofollow
40 Dofollow

blog commenting website list 2022

41 Dofollow
42 Dofollow
43 Dofollow
44 Dofollow
45 Dofollow
46 Dofollow
47 Dofollow
48 Dofollow
49 Dofollow
50 Dofollow
51 Dofollow
52 Dofollow
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54 Dofollow
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65 Dofollow
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68 Dofollow
69 Dofollow
70 Dofollow
71 Dofollow
72 Dofollow
73 Dofollow
74 Dofollow
75 Dofollow
76 Dofollow
77 Dofollow
78 Dofollow
79 Dofollow
80 Dofollow

do follow blog commenting website list 2022

Top 100 Do follow Back link Sites List

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Blog comment is an excellent off-page SEO function that really shows results by driving more traffic and improving standards in SERPs. Therefore, you should try using a list of free blog commenting sites. All listed websites have a high domain authority so be sure to transfer link juice to your sites.

In my whole professional life, I have dedicated my time to SEO. I have gained a lot of experience in SEO which enables me to rank sites within a short time. You have to stand apart from the crowd through the implementation of proven SEO strategies and that is what my team and I are dedicated to doing. We offer high-quality outreach, guest posts, backlinks, and complete SEO packages.


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