How to find keywords for Amazon


How to find keywords for Amazon ? Amazon is similar to any other search engine. The customer uses the search term to look for the product. Amazon releases all relevant results based on what the customer wants. How does Amazon determine if a product is relevant to a search term? This is where keywords come into the picture.

Keywords are a key way for Amazon to establish a link between a search term and a product. It is the foundation on which the listing of PPC products and campaigns is developed. That’s why it’s important to find all the right

How to find keywords for Amazon keywords for your product.

After all, Amazon SEO captures sales history and customer feedback. So it is much more complicated than just using the right keywords. However, if your product is not identified in the appropriate keywords, you will not appear in search results. All missed related keywords lead to loss of revenue and sales.

How can you always get the keywords? Let’s learn from experts and see what they do when they do a keyword research on Amazon.

How to find keywords for Amazon Top keyword research strategies

Before moving on to strategy, you should try to look at the product from a customer perspective. What words might they use when searching for it?

Suppose you want to buy a pair of casual shoes that you want to wear while climbing your favorite mountain trail. In this case, you can probably search for ‘mountain climbing shoes’ or ‘hiking boots,’ or ‘mountain climbing boots.’ These are all search terms that can be used by customers.

Once you have an idea of ​​what your customers want, it’s time to start planning.

How to find keywords for Amazon

1 Discover the auto-complete feature of Amazon

This is an easy way to identify some common search terms used by customers. However, there is one bottle. You will not find search volume or data per click cost using this strategy. It will help you identify keywords with long tails and features that customers often look for.

The best part about this keyword research strategy is that it is free, and you get information based on actual customer searches. Once you have found a lot of keywords, you should find their search volume using a dedicated keyword research tool like SellerApp.

Why is data so important?

You have limited space to enter your keywords. Your backlink search is limited to 249 bytes, while there are product title captions, dot points, and description. The data will help you identify the most relevant keywords for your product. This, in turn, will allow you to develop your own keyword strategy.

2 Using special keyword research tools

As the Google Keyword Editor and Ahrefs, there are specialized Amazon SEO keyword research tools. Tools like SellerApp will provide you with active data available directly from Amazon. It will also help you find long-tailed keywords with a large capacity for your listing and Amazon PPC campaigns.

In SellerApp, all you have to do is enter a keyword, select the required market place, and then search.

You will instantly find relevant results and the following keyword data for each keyword: search volume, per-click cost (CPC), limited orders, and conversion rate.

Alternatively, you can get important keywords by removing them from the list of similar products. To do this, you can use the Reverse ASIN feature. You just need to install ASIN. SellerApp will then remove all keyword information and data from the corresponding list.

The ASIN Backbone tool is ideal for keeping tabs on your competitors and keywords they direct. You can also track specific keywords to analyze their trends during a particular ASIN period. After tracking a keyword, you will get data on the number of products identified and the ASIN level of that keyword.

3 From Amazon PPC default campaigns

Your Amazon PPC default campaigns are a great source for long-tail keywords. These campaigns are run by Amazon’s advanced algorithms. It automatically detects and bids for appropriate keywords.

In some cases, algorithms detect keywords that are highly beneficial that you may not even have imagined. In short, Amazon does a lot of work for you and all you need to do is make sure your product is identified by these keywords.

It is recommended that you monitor your default campaigns regularly for high-quality keywords. If you do it yourself, then there is a little data analysis involved.

To save time and eliminate any chances of having a human error, you can use the SellerApp default to make a manual feature. It will highlight useful keywords from your default campaigns and allow you to transfer them to your manually campaigns with just a few clicks!

Final thoughts

Finding the right keywords is only the first step in improving your listing. You still need to create a list that includes keywords and that includes your target audience. There is a good balance to be reached.

If you have trouble accessing that balance, contact SellerApp experts and sign up for Amazon Listing Service. A team of experts will create personalized solutions and guaranteed listings to bring the best results.

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