Why Does AdSense Limit Ads Working In Your website And How Can You Fix It?


Why Does AdSense Limit Ads Working In Your website And How Can You Fix It A large percentage of AdSense ad publishers have received an email, “The number of ads you can display is limited,” and that is, of course, very harmful.

If that has happened to you recently or you may have tried AdSense, you will find a good piece of information on this topic. But, suppose you do not know about advertising restrictions. If so, you will have no effect on them. So, we dig deep and start the topic from the beginning.

What does it mean to limit your ad serving?


If you pass all the steps and finally paste the ad codes on your website, Google starts showing ads on your website after the normal time. Once your ads are enabled, that does not mean that every visitor will see ads when they visit your website. There is a normal percentage of ad display. Once you find restrictions on your ads, Google will serve a few ads on your site, and needless to say, it will affect the revenue your website receives. Most ads mean extra revenue, and no matter how much traffic you get to your site, if the ad offerings are limited, how much you earn will increase. However, traffic is the main and biggest factor in advertising restrictions.

Types of ad restrictions with Google AdSense:

Generally, advertisers get their ad limit from a few days to a 30 day limit. In some extreme cases, the limit is even greater. As mentioned on the Google AdSense blog, there are two types of scenarios.

Account checking.
Invalid traffic concern.

Account checking:

The whole process, from checking the quality of traffic to deliver ads, from checking the quality of your content to invalid clicks, everything is considered by complex Google bots. Once in a while, Google scans your website traffic for accuracy. Suddenly when you start to get a huge amount of traffic, it is possible. In that case, Google suggests that publishers consider alternatives. For example, you need to check your website for compliance with the Google AdSense Program Policies. However, this type of restriction does not oblige you to access your account.

Invalid traffic concern:

If you are working with Google AdSense as a publisher, you need to keep an eye on everything they say in their publisher policies. One of the most important causes of various problems with an AdSense account is traffic to your website. It is very important to AdSense and in the ad supply chain is the main reason. If so, if you drive traffic to your website from any incorrect sources, AdSense limits your ad as a warning. The reason has to be fully resolved because, after receiving a limitation of ad serving a few times AdSense may permanently reduce your account.

For more information on this, we will discuss the reasons why AdSense places restrictions on providing ads on your site.

Lack of organic traffic on your website:

To get AdSense approval for your website, you need a large amount of organic traffic. If you are about to apply for AdSense without organic traffic, you are more likely to not get approval. However, once approved, you need to have a good percentage of organic traffic on your site. To increase revenue, publishers often try different sources of traffic but no matter what traffic sources you have, organic should be the main one.

Traffic from trusted sites:

After organic traffic, you need to have high quality traffic to your site. New bloggers often try to post their website or article on unreliable or spam sites to get traffic from there. It is not surprising that low or spam reliable sites can target low quality traffic. AdSense needs to keep advertisers’ interests safe. If advertisers do not receive conversions from ads, they will not play ads on Google. Thus, high quality traffic is always required. If you have a lot of traffic from those unreliable websites for some time, you may find ads restrictions on your AdSense account.

Why Does AdSense Limit Ads Working In Your website And How Can You Fix It?

Too much social traffic:

Your website can get traffic from many real traffic sources, there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, public traffic is also considered a real source of traffic. But there is a problem with social traffic. Since public traffic is not a Google platform, Google Analytics does not have a piece of detailed information about visitors. Unable to accurately describe their interest, their search history. That makes it difficult for AdSense bots to place relevant ads in front of them. Therefore, if a large amount of your traffic comes from social networking sites, you may have a temporary limit for providing ads in your AdSense account.
Minimum duration:

You may not know that AdSense places high quality ads on similar quality websites. The platforms drive the best amount of live traffic every day, have a good average time, and the low jump rate gets the highest bidding ads from them. If traffic comes to your website from Google or elsewhere, but does not last long, then you have low value content. Advertisers will not want to place their ads on your site. Dealing with this AdSense often puts limitations on the site and the site has a lower downtime.

So how to adjust the ad restrictions set by Google AdSense?

Now that you know the reasons for the restrictions, it is best to check this item regularly.
Try to get high organic traffic to your site:

Organic visitors should be your main factor. You can buy traffic to search engines, Facebook, or any other social media platform, you can drive direct traffic to your AdSense monetization blog, but always keep a high percentage of organic traffic. The more organic visitors you find in your area, the less likely you are to get a cap on the ad offers. If you get a lot of traffic from social media, it will work to avoid sharing your website or posts. Also, ref

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