What is a better battle royale, PUBG or Call of Duty Warzone?


This really has no direct answer. I personally prefer PUBG because it’s the original (Originated first as an Arma 2 & 3 mod before any other Battle Royale) and I’m not a fan of Battle Royale as a genre.

Like a lot of things, it really does just come down to personal preference. They’ve all ended up creating something unique.

Depends on your preference.

I prefer PUBG. It’s more balanced and suitable for everyone.

As for COD, it seems like the skilled always win, while new players barely even get a chance, which is what drives a lot of new players away.

Games like H1Z1 and PUBG, even Fortnite in its early stages, made a lot of room for newbies to still pose a serious threat. In Warzone, somehow, they’re closer to meat bags to be shot up freely. Especially from behind. Every time I’ve died in Warzone, it’s because I was shot from behind. And I check my six more often than anyone else I personally know, so I can’t imagine them in the same situation.

Which is better, PUBG or Call of Duty: Mobile or Freefire?

I have played PUBG and COD Mobile

Pubg is too easy, I won several battles without any difficulty every time I tried pubg, due to which I got bored and the operators (players) looked like jokers in funny dresses. Different weapons made no big difference, and the attachments are confusing (maybe not for everyday rollers).

Call of duty on the other hand is far more realistic, operators look good (with of course some exceptions), Weapons and attachments are far more detailed, and all weapons have their own pros and cons, which makes the game quite interesting. Its quite competitive, due to which you can not win unless you put the required effort to win. I also want to add that the previous health and armor system with adrenaline shots was far better than the new armor plate system.

I have played free fire too on some occasions, but it’s more similar to pubg.

Conclusion: If you want to play a competitive game with better graphics, guns, and other gear, Go for Call of Duty Mobile.

Is it true that PUBG is the first battle royale game?

Yes and no. PUBG is the first game to be completely built on the battle Royale foundation but is not the first game to implement this. Weirdly, the first game to implement this was also created by the same guy who made PUBG.

The game which had a battle royale mode was H1Z1, where someone made a mod known as “King of the Kill”, which quickly became H1Z1’s most popular mod. Strangely, the person who created that mod also went by the alias “PlayerUnknown”.

Yes, the guy who created the Battle Royale mode also made PUBG. Pretty cool, right?

Anyway, long story short, Bluehole called him and asked him to create a Battle Royale game. That game was known as PUBG.

PUBG mobile vs COD mobile, Which game is better at Battle Royale mode, multiplayer mode, graphics, gameplay, guns, vehicles, finding enemies, tactics, and feeling enthusiastic?

Well if you ask me a comparison between PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile then I would say both are good in their counterparts but when we go on for a specific point to point comparison then for your first question:-.

Battle Royale Mode:- My vote is to PUBG M, because in COD M although everything else is well optimized the battle royale mode is laggy in low devices even without screen recording … So, PUBG M has always been my first option …

Multiplayer Mode:- For Close fights my vote is for COD M and For Long Range fights my vote is to PUBG M.

Graphics:- My vote goes to COD M because, even in low graphics settings in my low end device the game looks amazingly great, whereas in PUBG M the graphics look a bit washed out and often there are a lot of glitches with graphics.

Gameplay:- My Vote is to both in this one because, when you talk about actual gameplay both games give a really great time while playing them …

Guns:- My vote goes to PUBG M in this, because, I haven’t played much of COD M and the game has been updated a lot in terms of guns so although COD M might have the best guns but i have got really great experience with guns in PUBG M as well.

Vehicles:- My vote in this goes to PUBG M, because, although the game has only a few vehicles experience of driving them is much better than COD M although they look a bit old-fashioned…

Finding Enemies:- In this also, my vote is to PUBG M, because when the enemy is near you, you can hear the footsteps easily as well as you can judge how near or far an enemy is if you hear an enemy footsteps by looking into map because, if they look very dark orange then the enemy is really close to you if it has a lighter shade then the enemy is a bit farther than you … So, you can easily judge your enemy position. Whereas, if we talk about COD M then due it’s dark graphics it’s hard to spot an enemy as well as even though you can hear the enemy footsteps you can’t see his footsteps sign in Map like PUBG M. … As for tactics, in both games you need to use an equal type of tactics because you don’t know from where your enemy would attack you in either of the games …

Feeling of enthusiasm is more in PUBG M when you win because that Winner Chicken Dinner Mark that you alone or your squad receives on killing the last enemy is the best … Unlike COD M. … So, after this comparison, I think PUBG M wins. I hope my answer was helpful.

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