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In this article, we look at the best Australian Customer Builder to offer.

The decision to build a new home is a big step in anyone’s life. The whole design process can be tedious and full of obstacles with many things like process, customer service, contractor contacts, and more. Even so, the courageous few who have chosen to build their dream home have the unparalleled benefit of shaping all aspects of their home in the way they love!

Do not let the naysayers say that the prosperity of Australian buildings has come to an end and stop you from investing in real estate. The number of homes for sale, such as wine, only goes up over time and thus, it will always be a solid investment!

To achieve the home of your dreams, however, you need to think carefully about who will really build it. The right home builders will be with you every step of the way, guiding you and supporting you from the beginning of the project to its completion. On the other hand, the wrong custom home builder will frustrate you every step of the way, and give you a finished product that will bother you, for years to come!

With that in mind, we compile a list of the 12 best custom home builders in Melbourne, to help you as you take this wonderful step!

Hotondo Houses

After 40 years of operation, this leading homebuilder has completed more than 70 new homes! The experience that comes with being in the name for a long time cannot be underestimated. In addition, as a family, corporate ethos is to help families achieve their dream family at home.

They specialize in all kinds of styles from urban homes to modern styles. Hotondo also offers knockdown reconstruction solutions.

Their certificates include being a registered construction worker and being a member of a platinum association of professional builders’ association.

Address: Moorabbin, Victoria 3189
Telephone number: 1800 677 156.
Official website:

Burbank Australia Pty Ltd.

custom house builders in Melbourne.

Founded in 1983, Burbank Australia, another family-owned business, has a wealth of experience in the home-based business. Not only do they have many home-winning projects under their belt, but they have also grown over the years to include plumbing and electrical consultancy, as well as a luxury resort company.

Being a large company, they will probably be able to implement any custom home ideas. They work exclusively on all types of buildings and designs including demolition.

Address: Burbank House Level 1 100 Franklin St, Melbourne VIC 3000.
Telephone number: 13 2872.
Official website:

Silk houses.

Silk Homes really sets the ‘tradition’ for custom home builders. As a retail construction company, the art of Silk’s home when it comes to delivering high-quality custom homes is unparalleled. It was founded in 1989, and has been around for a long time.

Their portfolio reflects their building experience, as did the architectural designs of the famous architect Garry Catt, come to life. They also appear in the house magazine, which, if any, enhances their reputation as a home builder with extensive construction experience.

Silk Houses is a member of the Master Builders Association, HIA, and is registered with the Australian Building Authority.

They specialize in multi-unit construction, double occupancy, and elaborate custom homes.

Address: Melbourne Victoria, 3000.
Telephone number: (03) 9367 5184.


AVJennings has been around for a long time! They have been helping Australians in Victoria to become homeowners Since 1931!

There is not much we can say about this company, not because it is poor, but because it does not need confirmation. AVJennings is simply a high-quality construction company, and will meet your lifestyle needs.

AVJennings is a household name, and yet we have confirmed that they actually have a CDB Builders license. For more information on their licensing, housing projects including floor plans and interior design see their contact details below.

Address: Level 4, 108 Power Street Hawthorn, Vic 3122.
Telephone number: 131 878.

Houses on First Avenue

Located in Brighton, it is another award-winning home builder with a good record of customer satisfaction. In fact, they have a full five-star review on all reviews posted on!

It is easy to see why. First of all, Avenue Homes is proud of its excellent customer relationships. The company understands the importance of communication and consultation when it comes to making your custom design come to life.

Among other areas of beauty, this new housing architecture focuses on more residential reconstruction, custom extensions, and knockdown reconstruction.

Address: 2/229 Bay Street, Brighton Victoria 3186.
Telephone number: (03) 9596 8536.

There were Constructions.

With more than two decades of experience,ube Construction has focused on the construction of luxury homes and renovations throughout much of Victoria.

This luxury home builder has won awards at for five consecutive years, for excellence in construction and operation. That being said, Kube Construction has an in-house design service which means they will be with you at all times, from design to construction.

They will usually manage projects ranging from $ 200,000-4,000,000.

Address: 43 Kerferd Street, Malvern East VIC 3145.
Telephone number: (03) 7016 8292.

AGN developers.

There were Constructions.

This custom home builder has over 60 years of experience in the home-building market. They specialize in home improvement, home renovation, renovation and custom home design.

As with some of the previously featured home builders, this one stands out for their ability to keep the client informed during all stages of the project.

AGN builders will typically handle jobs between $400,000-2,000,000.

Address: 24 Davie Avenue, Cheltenham Victoria 3192.
Phone Number: 1300 880 555.

Company Hart Builders Pty Ltd

There were Constructions.

An accredited RPB board member and HIA builder, Hart builders excelled in doing one thing. It is not enough to complete the home of your dreams the way you want. You must not sell your soul for it!

In addition to their free quotation and consultation service, Hart builders also provide architectural and design services, in addition to building. They manage jobs ranging from $ 150,000 to $ 1,000,000.

Address: Melbourne, Victoria 3165.
Telephone Number: (04) 11 154 503.

Vital Build.

When the rubber hits the road, the builder’s portfolio is a guaranteed indicator of their quality. Looking at the projects we have seen, Vital Build has some of the most beautiful modern homes we have seen so far!

Address: 198 Montmorency 3094.
Telephone number: (04) 17 052 ​​983.


In addition to having a sound design and beautiful exterior design, your custom home will need to have a high quality interior. That’s where 7Towns comes in. Based in South Yarra, this custom builder focuses on interior design and design with a special emphasis on kitchens, toilets, and laundry.

Seven cities typically hold jobs ranging from $ 30,000-300000.
Address: Melbourne, Victoria 3000.
Telephone number: 1800 786 967.
Website: 7towns.

Housing in Roseleigh

Boutique home builders like Roseleigh Homes can be a top choice when it comes to custom home design, for one reason or another. They often meet the client’s need for that extra care and input into the project.

Roseleigh Homes justifies the above statement, having won the MBAV SE Winner Best Custom Home award for four consecutive years.

They usually carry $ 300,000-3,000,000.
Address: 120 Copelands Rd Warragul, Victoria 3142.
Telephone number: (03) 5622 6777.

Plan to build.

Located just seven miles [7 km] from Melbourne, this is another fine modern city builder.

PLAntoBUILD usually manages projects ranging from $ 500,000-3,000,000.

Address: 401 Kew East Melbourne, Victoria 3084.
Telephone number: (04) 34 081 869.
Official website:
How to Choose the Right Home Builder.

In the introduction, we emphasized the importance of putting the idea of ​​who will be the builder of your house. In this concluding section, we give you tips on how to choose the perfect custom home builder.

First of all, you should never let the first builder come to mind. Do some research! Talk to a lot of builders about how you find them, not only to get new ideas of what it would take to make your dream home but also to check their reliability.

Second, do not always agree with the one who offers the lowest quotation. In many ways, you get what you pay for, but more importantly, the best quote that can be true can be an indication of the hidden costs down the road.

Lastly, you should choose the best one to contact. By this we mean that a good home builder is always the one who makes the most of every decision you make when it comes to building your home. This feature will save you a lot of money on unexpected repairs and road stress!

Best Australian Custom builder

All in all, you should not make a mistake with any of the above builders. Good luck to you!

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