African grey for sale in Oklahoma


African grey parrots are some of the most intelligent birds in the world. They’re highly social and can be trained to speak human words. African greys can live up to 80 years and make excellent pets for people with sufficient time, space, and resources to keep them adequately cared for.

African grey parrots for sale

African Grey parrot birds are for sale right here at our online store. We offer the very best in hand-fed African grey parrots for sale. Our African greys are perfect for the pet lover, we place a high emphasis on quality and socialization. From experienced breeders to first-time bird owners, we can assist you with all your needs.

grey parrots for sale

Grey Parrot For Sale – Grey parrots are normally 40 inches long with a wingspan of 43 inches. They are smaller than the average-sized Amazon parrot and they have very small beaks. This means they will require less space than an Amazon in their cage, making them ideal for apartment life or those who do not wish to spend a large amount of time cleaning up after them. Although smaller, grey parrots are still quite intelligent and will provide you with plenty of fun as your companion! We also offer Blue And Yellow Macaws for sale as well as Green-winged Macaws.

congo African grey parrots for sale near me

Congo African grey parrots for sale near me

Congo African grey parrots are one of the most well-known species of African grey parrots. The Congo is a bird that has been bred in captivity for decades, and they have become a favorite among pet owners because they are bright and have beautiful coloration.

The Congo African grey parrot is considered one of the largest subspecies of this type of bird. They can reach up to 15 inches long, which makes them relatively large compared to other kinds of birds available for adoption.

Congos require an owner who can dedicate time every day to ensure their happiness and health, so if you think owning one might be too much work for you, then it may not be worth adopting!

Timneh African grey parrots

Timneh African grey parrots are not a subspecies of the African grey. Instead, they are a hybrid variety bred to be more aggressive than other breeds. Timneh parrots make great pets for experienced bird owners or people who want an intelligent companion with a personality as strong as their own. Unfortunately, they’re also costly—a times, African grey can cost up to $1000 or more, depending on its age and breeding quality. If you’re searching for an adult Timneh African Grey in Oklahoma City, call us at 405-888-8881!

African grey parrots breeder near me

You should find a breeder responsible for the health and well-being of the parrots they produce. That way, you can be sure that you are getting a healthy African grey parrot for sale in Oklahoma City. In addition, a good breeder will have taken care of the bird’s socialization needs before it is sold to you so that when you take your new pet home, it won’t be afraid to come out of its cage or interact with people.

A good breeder should also be able to provide information about how long it takes for African grey parrots to reach maturity: how much time they need with their handlers before they’re ready for a flight? What kind of toys do they like? Do these birds need special diets? By finding a reputable breeder and asking questions about what makes an African grey a good fit for your household, you’ll have everything you need to decide whether or not this bird is suitable for your family.

Cheap African grey parrots for sale near me

There are many options if you’re looking for cheap African grey parrots for sale near me. It’s possible to find a cheap African grey parrot in Tennessee, Oklahoma, California, and New York. However, suppose you’re interested in purchasing a cheap African grey parrot in Florida. In that case, it may be more complex than other states because the climate is so warm there that many people prefer not to keep birds indoors year-round.

African grey parrots for sale in Tennessee

African grey parrots are wildly popular birds, and even though they can be challenging to train, they’re worth the trouble. They can be trained to speak and use their voices to mimic noises in their surroundings. In addition, they have a vocabulary of over 100 words and often learn how to sing songs by listening to music or watching TV.

You’ll need patience and consistency to train your African grey parrot properly. The most important thing is never giving up on it—even if you make mistakes along the way! Having an African grey as a pet allows for endless possibilities for entertainment and conversation, whether you teach it how to talk or let it entertain itself with music videos from YouTube (which I highly recommend), your bird will provide hours upon hours of enjoyment while showing off its natural intelligence.


So, if you’re interested in getting an African grey parrot, we recommend you go out and get one! There are so many great ones available for sale today!

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