Top 5 WordPress Download Manager Comparison


Were you interested in organizing and managing file uploads in WordPress? You might be curious about how frequently a file is downloaded.

Or perhaps you need to protect the material so that only customers or registered users can view it.

For tracking and managing your file downloads, we’ll compare the top 5 WordPress download manager plugins comparison in this post.

Choosing a WordPress Download Manager Plugin: What to Look for?

You might wish to utilize a WordPress download manager plugin for various reasons. You may have to take any or all of the following steps:

  • Lock the file so that only people with a specified role who are registered may access it.
  • Secure the data so that only people who have paid for it may access it.
  • Offer only a certain quantity of digital files
  • WordPress file reorganization and labeling stop bots and spammers from downloading your files again.
  • Count the number of times a specific file has been downloaded.
  • Count the number of downloads of a particular kind or subset of files.
  • Offer downloads as a component of a broader offering, like an online course.

Although it’s difficult to find a plugin that can perform all the tasks mentioned above, you might want only some of these functionalities based on your use case.

We’ve chosen the top 5 WordPress download manager plugins for our comparison to account for all potential scenarios and use cases.

WooCommerce Download Manager

WordPress users often use the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin. It may be used to market both physical and digital goods.

You can easily make your download a product in the WooCommerce download manager if you want to sell digital downloads so that the buyer can only access it after making a purchase.

To give your online store greater functionality, you can also utilize WooCommerce plugins. For instance, clever coupon features can help you handle sales and promotions more easily.

WooCommerce provides a variety of options for uploading and protecting your assets. You may decide which option best fits your circumstances. Your downloads may have variants, just like standard WooCommerce items.

WooCommerce may also be used to develop products that have both a physical and downloaded component. For instance, you may provide a physical workbook and an online video course.

Highlights of This WordPress Download Manager

  • WooCommerce serves as a shopping cart, complete eCommerce store, and download manager.
  • A feature in the plugin allows users to upload digital goods and designate them as downloadable.
  • These files may be quickly uploaded to your website and shown as gorgeously styled product pages.
  • The main dashboard offers important indicators like the number of downloads for your items.
  • Consider offering files for free and choose a quick download for customers. Additionally, you may list them according to price and link the plugin to payment processors.

Monster Downloader

WooCommerce Attach Me! (Premium)

WooCommerce Attach Me! It’s not for everyone, but it provides WooCommerce websites with a full-featured file download manager. It not only offers a mechanism for distributing download links to clients who make purchases, but it also includes special tools for classifying and organizing these files before downloading them.

An excellent illustration would include a link to download a PDF file on the receipt for software purchased from your business. In addition, to help customers understand how to use the program, providing a manual, a video, or more pictures could be helpful.

The plugin protects all file URLs, and your users only get download links when an automatic email has been sent.

Generally speaking, there are two ways to arrange and distribute files to consumers. The download button on the product pages is one example. These downloads are free since they are only links that have been put to the page. Including a download link in your order email is an additional choice.

The plugin also offers a separate admin module that allows users to browse files and see which ones are being downloaded most frequently.

Remember that this plugin has a free download option. Nevertheless, the cost of WooCommerce Attach Me is pretty affordable.

Highlights of This WordPress Download Manager 

  • You may add attachments to product pages and purchase emails with this plugin.
  • A broad variety of file types, including PDFs, Word documents, and MP3s, are supported by the file manager.
  • Both administrators and clients can access the Downloads tab. so the user can view their previous downloads.
  • Automated email templates that include links to digital downloads are issued for orders.
  • File deletion and mass uploading are both possible in the WordPress admin panel.

WP File Download (Premium)

Although the WP File Download plugin is merely a paid add-on, it’s significant to note that it receives regular updates. Consider this plugin if you’re seeking one with good developer support. Additionally, it comes in a variety of tongues.

The plugin’s starting price is $29. However, with the option to upgrade every six months, you receive premium assistance for six months. You can also locate several price plans if you want assistance with extra add-ons and site licensing.

One plugin has four themes that help you express your creativity and briefly describe the system’s appearance. With drag-and-drop capability, lovely thumbnails, and a simple interface that most people can grasp, the file manager is strong but simple to use.

You may modify who can view files on your website and restrict access to file uploads.

Most of the download managers on this list don’t include Gutenberg capabilities, as you may have also seen. This doesn’t imply that the Gutenberg system will be broken; rather, it just means that they don’t have any drag-and-drop tools that can be embedded. Regarding the WP File Download plugin, this does not apply. Instead, it offers two blocks specifically designed for front-end WordPress file uploads.

The plugin’s integration with well-known file storage providers like Google Drive and Dropbox is also a plus.

Highlights of This WordPress Download Manager 

  • The plugin includes one of the classiest file-organizing modules, with drag and drop capability, colorful visual thumbnails, and visual thumbnails. It resembles the majority of Apple applications.
  • It doesn’t matter what kind of file is added; you can add as many as you like.
  • Determine who is permitted to download the files you offer. You may give particular users access to all folders or just certain files.
  • The plugin provides two Gutenberg modules, making it simple to post your download buttons wherever on your website. Most rivals lack this capability, which eliminates the requirement for widgets and shortcodes.
  • Connect your website to file-sharing and cloud storage services like Google Drive and OneDrive. Dropbox is an alternative.
  • When exploring folders, you may see every file. On the fly, it is also possible to download files remotely.

Shared Files for WordPress (Free and Premium)

A free plugin for viewing and controlling files on a WordPress site is called Shared Files for WordPress. Anyone you provide access can download and use any file posted on your website. It functions by uploading files to your WordPress admin panel and then adding a shortcode so visitors can download those files wherever on your website.

Additionally, you may arrange your content for download by users. To make things simpler for users, build a list or classify the files. The $19.99 premium edition has more features, including bandwidth restrictions, file sorting, and layout choices.

Additionally, the premium plugin offers you password security and priority customer support. Doing this can ensure that your files are secure and that you have a contact in case something goes wrong.

Overall, the plugin offers all users a clear and straightforward user interface. In addition, most settings are programmable right out of the box, so you often don’t need to make any changes to get it to operate.

Highlights of This WordPress Download Manager 

  • Upload documents to the WordPress admin interface, including spreadsheets and PDFs.
  • Make these files more easily accessible to users by organizing them.
  • A shortcode provided by the plugin allows you to add a “Download” button anywhere on your website.
  • On the back end of your WordPress site, all shared files are preserved for easy management.
  • Most plugin users will be satisfied with the default settings.

Best WordPress Download Manager Plugin: The Final Thoughts

It might be challenging to select the best wordpress download manager plugin. However, each plugin on this list is a fantastic choice based on how you want to manage your downloads.

Monster Downloader is the best wordpress download manager plugin and It has all the essential features.

The ideal plugin for you would be Monster Downloader if you only wanted to track downloads. You’ll get all the statistics you require from it. Add the files to your article using the WordPress file manager, and Monster Downloader will display the upload statistics.

We hope this post has given you additional knowledge about the top WordPress download manager plugins.

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