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Do You Know The History Behind Black Friday?

After Thanksgiving dinner comes Black Friday sales. But, where did Black Friday come from?

What and when is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a term used twice unrelatedly. It is now widely used in the US to refer to the day after Thanksgiving, which is often considered the first day of the holiday shopping season and is known for incorporating discounts from retailers.

Black Friday is always the Friday following Thanksgiving, which usually falls on the fourth Thursday in November. 2021, Black Friday is November 26. In 2022, Black Friday is November 25th.

The term Black Friday is also used to refer to September 24, 1869, the day of the US financial crisis caused by gold speculators.

Where does the name Black Friday come from?

Although many people believe that the word Black Friday begins with the concept of black meaning “to show profit; does not show loss, ”not really.

Historically, black people have been associated with days of economic oppression as opposed to days of growing trade success. The first Black Friday took place in 1869 after financier Jay Gould and railway businessman James Fisk tried to block the gold market, which eventually led to financial collapse and market collapse. More than 60 years later, on October 29, 1929, another stock market crash called Black Tuesday marked the beginning of the Great Depression.

The real origin of post-Thanksgiving Black Friday lies in the idea of ​​a dark meaning “marked by tragedy or misfortune.” In the 1950’s, factory managers started calling the Friday after Thanksgiving a Black Friday because many of their employees decided to lie about the illness, thus extending the holiday weekend.

black friday

About 10 years later, Black Friday was used by traffic police in Philadelphia to describe the day after Thanksgiving because they had to work 12 hours between extremely heavy traffic. Visitors flocked to the city to start shopping for the holidays and, at times, this famous shopping day coincided with the annual Army-Navy football match. The name was held among buyers and sellers in Philadelphia, and from there it began all over the country.

The 1980s brought the myth of Black Friday as we know it today. Although the terms black and red are used in business to describe profit and loss, the definition of one of the busiest shopping days of the year came in the 1980s, almost 20 years after Black Friday was widely used.

When is the holiday shopping time?

Black Friday is part of a series of illegal holidays that focus on shopping opportunities for what is considered the start of the holiday season. This period begins with the Black Friday, the oldest and most established of the days. Cyber ​​Monday is the latest addition, as well as a Small Business Saturday (shopping day for small businesses). The annual gift-giving campaign known as Giving Tuesday took place on Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Giving Tuesday is an annual event dedicated to encouraging people to donate to charitable or voluntary organizations.

Now that that has been removed … do you know where the word Cyber ​​Monday comes from?


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