vivo drone camera phone


The vivo drone camera phone smartphone with the concept of a flying camera drone performs online; here’s what it would look like

Vivo recently filed a patent application for a flying camera drone module application. Here is a description of the camera module and how it can work.

A few years ago, manufacturers were trying their best to remove the camera note from smartphone screens, using engine-exit cameras like the Redmi K20 Pro and browsing methods like the Asus 6Z. Some manufacturers have begun experimenting with in-display cameras, while others have been working on solid techniques, such as the recently introduced patent installed by Vivo with a smartphone with a camera drone.

vivo drone camera phone recently filed a patent for a flying camera drone module application

vivo drone camera phone

Last week, we reported that Vivo had copyrighted what could be a very new way to delete a note – using a flying drone with a camera module. The drone is expected to include two cameras and infrared sensors. From the Vivo copyright filling, it appears that the same drone can be stored inside the phone itself, and exit the device if necessary.

Although copyrighted images provided a good idea of ​​how the module might work, designer Sarang Sheth and Lets Go Digital have now come up with new device ideas that help users visualize how the module can work. The render shows the slide module out of the device in what appears to be a large SIM tray. Offers are shared for graphic purposes only, and it is important to note that Vivo has not yet released such a product.

However, a major question arises in both the patent installation and the recently released offer of the impact of the camera module on the battery life of a large device. Considering the size of the module and the power required for it to work for a long time, it can draw a lot of power on a smartphone. The module also appears to emanate from the main body of the device, which can take up a significant amount of space, which is usually stored for smartphone battery.

Also, another question arises from looking at the shared offers by Seth and Lets GoDigital, how the drone module will return to the smartphone. While standard drone cameras are fully capable of returning to their basic channels, the sloping and stretching tray from the device may be driven by car, so the module will need to be properly positioned at all times, or hand-held by the user.

However, like any concept of equipment that is not yet available, it is best to take designs with a little salt as the technology involved may change over time, as Vivo continues to work on its original designs. Even if a company were to produce a product with this technology, it could come up with a number of changes or improvements, something that is too early to predict or speculate about.

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