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If you consider yourself an influencer, you can calculate your estimated earnings from your TikTok account using the TikTok Money Calculator. For the “Western” version of TikTok, not the Chinese version, Douyin.

TikTok Influencer Engagement and Earnings Calculator

The tools below are not official TikTok tools. They are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by TikTok. This tool is intended to provide influencers with earnings potential guidelines. As a result, both the influencer and brand negotiate what they deem fair value for endorsing the product. This is only an estimate that can vary greatly depending on niche, country, audience location, and audience brand affinity.

Growing Your TikTok Account

In spite of its previous existence as Musical.ly, TikTok is still relatively new. People are still discovering the best ways to succeed on the platform. An ironic method is to work with both TikTok and another network at the same time. TikTok’s top influencers also excel on YouTube, where they produce “Best of TikTok”-type compilations and take advantage of YouTube’s established advertising system.

Understand Your Audience

It’s important to ask yourself why people would follow you in the first place. What makes your account stand out from thousands of others? Do you offer entertainment? Do you have any talents as a singer, musician, dancer, or stand-up comedian? Can you make your videos humorous by failing at these things? What about funny prank videos? Would you be able to motivate people or give them helpful hints to improve their lives? Or are you just another lip-syncher who doesn’t add any value to your video clips?

You will also get to know your audience better. It’s not about you. Neither should you create a variety of videos to please everyone. Success comes from creating videos your audience loves. Rather than making random content, it is easier to focus on a specific group of people.

Perfect Your Profile

TikTok’s profile is a critical part of the app. It is where you display your identity. If you want to attract people to your profile, it should look attractive.

Your profile should emphasize your identity as a creator. It should state why people should subscribe to your page.

You want your profile to stand out from the crowd since it will be your first impression to many people.

Creating the perfect username is your chance if you are starting from scratch. Ideally, it should be easy to pronounce and spell, and relevant to you and your niche. Your TikTok fans will know when they have found your YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram channels if they use the same username on all your social profiles.

Anyone viewing your profile should be able to tell what kind of videos you intend to share.

You should still be cautious, especially if you are a typical young TikToker. There are some creeps who abuse TikTok. Don’t give away too much personal information on your profile, or upload video/images that people may misuse. It is therefore important to ensure that the background of your images/videos does not reveal too much about where you live.

Follow the Basic Rules and Conventions When Uploading Videos

TikTokers are expected to upload certain types of videos. Start by ensuring that you do not violate TikTok’s content guidelines. You should not include any inappropriate content in your videos; no hate speech, racism, etc. Some adults misuse TikTok, so be careful when uploading videos of yourself doing perfectly normal everyday activities that creeps might abuse (for example, is it a good idea to upload videos of you and your friends at a slumber party in nighties?) Remember that TikTok is a public social network. Your videos are accessible to anyone.

On TikTok, videos are uploaded vertically in the same manner as on Snapchat and IGTV. A 1080×1920 aspect ratio is ideal. Include relevant hashtags in your descriptions. Choose an exciting thumbnail image for each video. Sort your videos into the right categories.

Produce Consistent Content

Your audience will also be more likely to understand what to expect if you set up a consistent pattern. You don’t want to be a “one hit wonder.” People will come to expect certain types of videos from you each Tuesday and Friday, and return to TikTok on those days to watch your latest video. They are also more likely to tell their friends about you, further expanding your audience.

In addition to your main videos, you might add short “slice of life” videos. It helps your audience learn more about you. Alternatively, you might create Vlogs in addition to your more niche-specific ones.

Ideally, you want all your niche-themed videos to look and feel the same – you want to establish a unique style. It applies even if you are simply lip-syncing. There were quite a few top TikTokers who began making lip-synch videos, but the types of songs they chose, and the way they made the videos made them recognizable as their own.

When you upload videos that aren’t music videos, you want them to tell a story in your voice and style. The videos could have similar segments or be shot similarly.

Engage with Your Audience

Engage your viewers by interacting with them. Reply to comments left on your videos. It may seem like hard work to you, but it proves to your followers that you care and notice them.

Stream live at times, talking to your fans. Give them a glimpse of your life. You will feel better about yourself and your videos the more they believe they know you. It may be challenging to perform live music, but your fans will appreciate it if you feel comfortable doing so. Alternatively, use your live sessions to talk about topics that interest your fans, to run Q&A sessions, and to invite guests.

Promote Your TikTok Videos on Your Other Social Channels

You should also promote your videos on your other social channels, as well as your blog, if you have one. The more people who know about your content, the more likely they are to watch and enjoy it. The more you promote your content, the more followers you are likely to gain, and the closer you will be to becoming an influencer.

Improve Your Production Values Over Time

TikTok usually begins with limited budgets, equipment, and skills. You should be able to develop your skills over time and hopefully, once you generate money, you can upgrade your budget and equipment as well. To succeed on TikTok, you need to produce high-quality videos.

Spend time learning how to make successful films. Always strive to improve your videos.

Earning Money on TikTok

As TikTok’s advertising network continues to develop, TikTok influencers can earn money the easiest by making direct deals with brands. As people become more well-known on the platform, brands will approach them with business propositions. Once you count your followers in the thousands, you can start to look at monetizing TikTok. Companies have been known to pay $200 to $20,000 per branded video promoted by influencers, depending on the individual’s level of influence.

Some of the ways influencers can earn money on TikTok include:

  1. Promoting brands in your videos (just like any other form of influencer marketing), either directly or more indirectly (like an unboxing video or simply by wearing a fashion label’s clothes in your videos)
  2. Cross-promoting your promotions on your other platforms, e.g., if you make a good income from YouTube you can use your TikTok channel to bring people over to your YouTube channel
  3. Using your TikTok videos to promote items you’re selling somewhere
  4. Creating live videos and receiving tips from your viewers (formerly called Live.ly, but now called Go Live).
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