The Best Things To Do In Launceston, Australia


Launceston is a beautiful city in Tasmania. It was founded in 1806 and is known for its natural beauty, excellent food and wine, and friendly people. While there are many great things to do in Launceston, we’ll share our top 6 favourite activities with you today!

Tour the Cataract Gorge

If you’re looking to tour one of the most stunning natural wonders in the Pacific Northwest, I suggest going to the Cataract Gorge. Few places around here can compare with its ruggedness and beauty. So pack up your things and head for this hidden gem, Cataract Gorge. It will undoubtedly leave you in awe at the natural wonder of the place and maybe even a bit wiser from the experience of nature itself.

  • Go on a boat cruise.
  • See it from above on the mountaintop.
  • See it from below in the gorge.
  • See it from the top of the mountain.

Climb to the top of St. George’s Bell Tower

St. George’s Bell Tower is the oldest and tallest building in Launceston. It was completed in 1832, and its steeple was added to the top of the tower in 1879. The tower has been a landmark for long enough that it’s already seen many changes to the city, and it looks like some more are coming soon!

The tower is open to the public during daylight hours, so if you’re interested in seeing what life was like back when St. George’s Church first opened its doors to worshippers, this should be right up your alley. It also boasts an observation deck on its roof level with views of all of Launceston city centre!

Visit City Park

City Park is a beautiful place. It’s a gem in a city known for the hustle and bustle: the smell, the trees, and the fresh air, all surrounded by historical buildings. I live across the street from City Park and love it here. It is truly one of my favourite places in New Orleans.

City Park is a great place to take a walk and enjoy the scenery, or you can hire a bike or go on a horse and carriage ride. It’s also near several cafes and restaurants, sure to satisfy your hunger.

Go back in time to Launceston’s museums.

The city of Launceston has a rich history and culture that dates back to the 1830s. Its museums are great places to find out more about this history. The Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery has over 100 years of stories to tell, while the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery showcases the best local artworks and artefacts. If you’re more interested in learning about the people who call Tasmania home, head to the City Hall.

Walk around the Tamar Island Wetlands

Tamar Island Wetlands is a great place to go for a walk and see some wildlife, with plenty of native birds to spot. It’s also a good spot for birdwatching and photography, with scenic views across the estuary.

Located south of Launceston, you can get there by car or bus (it’s just off the highway). The entrance fee is A$7 per person, but it’s free if you’re aged under 16 years old. This park has walking tracks that allow visitors to explore the area on foot. There are also picnic shelters where you can rest after your walk or while waiting for your friends who are still exploring further down one of the trails!

Check out Launceston’s nightlife.

Launceston is a great place to experience some nightlife. Here are some things to do in Launceston at night:

  • Check out the city’s night markets.
  • See a movie at the cinema.
  • Relax with a drink at one of Launceston’s bars

Launceston is home to a wide variety of activities and places to see.

Launceston is a great place to visit. It has many things to see and do, including:

  • Launceston is home to various activities that people of all ages and interests can enjoy.
  • Launceston is an excellent place for families with children to visit, as plenty of attractions are designed specifically for kids.
  • Launceston has many events throughout the year, including live music shows and festivals celebrating local art.

what to do in Launceston today

If you are looking for things to do in Launceston, Australia, today, tomorrow or tonight, this is your guide.

To help make it easier for you, we’ve created a list of the top 6 things to do in Launceston at any time of the year. You’ll be sure to find something that suits your taste and budget!

what to do in Launceston tonight

There’s a reason why it’s called the Garden City, and you should be out there enjoying the fine weather. So here are some ideas for your evening:

  • Listen to live music at Cataract Gorge Park – There are regular gigs here on weekends, so look out for one you like and grab some friends to accompany you. The food trucks will be open too!
  • Walk through the Botanical Gardens – If you’re looking for something more relaxing and quiet, this is where I’d head. There are loads of trails to explore, so bring your camera if that interests you most. The gardens are also home to Australia’s tallest water fountain (at 100 metres) and Tasmania’s largest banana plantation (it has over 300 varieties!). Free entry during daylight hours; closed on Tuesdays during summer months (1st January until 30th April).

what to do in Launceston for a day

  • Take a stroll through the Botanical Gardens, which span nearly 25 hectares of gardens and monuments. Hundreds of different species of plants and trees are on display, making it one of Australia’s most extensive botanical gardens.
  • Learn about Tasmania’s history at the Cataract Gorge Historic Precinct. This area is home to some impressive limestone architecture from the 19th century, including various buildings that used to be part of the hydroelectricity industry. You can also see many local fossils here!
  • Visit Trevallyn Nature Park, which features plenty of native fauna that can only be found in Tasmania (yes, but they were once standard across all continents!). These animals are wallabies, possums, wombats; koalas; platypi, and echidnas (like hedgehogs).

what to do in Launceston for 2 days

Lunarstone is an attractive region in the North of Tasmania. The central city is Launceston, and it also possesses the region’s most well-known vineyards, Woodbridge and Tamar Ridge. There are many great tourist attractions so I’d like to focus on things that two days would suit. Furthermore, I will share my experience and not just discuss them.

  • Take a tour through the Cataract Gorge.
  • Climb up St George’s Bell Tower, the city’s highest point.
  • Visit City Park, Tasmania’s oldest public park and home to many attractions like the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery, Wrest Point Casino and MONA (Museum of Old and New Art).
  • Return to Launceston’s museums, the Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery, Inveresk House Historic Reserve and Christ Church Cathedral Museum.

what to do at night in Launceston

For those who want to explore outside the city, there are plenty of things to do in Launceston. The Tamar Valley is just a short drive away and offers many vineyards, restaurants and wineries worth visiting. The Cataract Gorge & National Park is also a great day trip from Launceston.

If you’re interested in learning more about Tasmanian history or heritage sites around the area, there are plenty of museums devoted to this topic in Launceston. In addition, you can take an old-fashioned tram ride through town to learn more about the history of Tasmania, including its convict roots at Queens Domain Park, located right outside central Launceston on Esplanade Drive East (opposite Police Station). Fuel up before your tram tour by dining at one of many cafes or restaurants nearby, such as Queen Victoria Market, which has been operating since 1873!

Is Launceston worth visiting

Launceston is a great place to visit. Visitors can enjoy the city’s many attractions and activities, including museums, galleries and parks. Launceston also has excellent restaurants, pubs and bars for people who want to sample the local cuisine or drinks.

Launceston is an excellent destination for families who want to enjoy themselves together while exploring Tasmania’s capital city. Visitors can go on self-guided walking tours through Launceston’s historic district or explore the countryside by bike or car. Families staying in Launceston will find many fun things they can do together with their kids during their stay there, including visiting attractions like Cataract Gorge National Park. Cradle Mountain National Park and Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park, where children can interact with animals found across Tasmania, such as platypuses (duckbilled mammals), koalas (tree-dwelling marsupials), wallabies (small kangaroos) and Tasmanian devils (giant carnivorous marsupials).

what to do in Launceston at night

When the sun sets, you can head to one of Launceston’s many pubs and bars.

There are some great places to go out at night, including:

  • Tyrell’s Brewery is a brewery with an associated wine bar. It is located on Charles Street and has an outdoor area where you can sit with your friends and enjoy food or drinks. This place is famous for its craft beers, so if you’re looking for something different from your local pubs, check it out!
  • The Prince of Wales Hotel – If you’re looking for somewhere that serves food and drinks, this might be right up your alley! It has plenty of parking on Queen Street, so make sure not to forget your car keys before heading there!

things to do in Launceston at night

Whether you’re travelling with kids, friends or a group, there are many things to do in Launceston at night.

  • Take a walk around the Botanical Gardens. They’re free and open until late at night.
  • Visit the Cataract Gorge, just an hour’s drive away from the city. This place has fantastic views of cascading waterfalls set against mountains lit up by lights at night (you can also see it during the day). There are also lots of restaurants nearby if you get hungry after exploring!
  • Check out one of the local pubs for food and drinks and live music performances by local artists/musicians.
  • Go star gazing! Tasmania has some beautiful dark skies perfect for stargazing thanks to its lack of light pollution; this is especially true in Launceston, where you’ll be able to see stars that no other place on Earth could show off!

what to do in Launceston Saturday

If you’re visiting Launceston, here are six things to do in Launceston this weekend.

  • Go to the Cataract Gorge
  • Visit the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery
  • Head down to Tomahawk for a paddle and lunch at Taste of Tasmania
  • Take on the wilderness at Cradle Mountain National Park or Mole Creek Caves
  • Visit one of Launceston’s many markets and pop-up shops

things to do in Launceston this weekend

  • Visit the Cataract Gorge

Cataract Gorge is one of Tasmania’s most popular attractions and a must-see when visiting Launceston. It’s just outside of town, so it’s easy to get there if you’re staying in Launceston. Inside the gorge are several waterfalls, including one that plunges 32 meters (100 feet) into an abyss! Don’t forget your camera!

  • Go for a hike at Mt Roland Parklands or Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary.

Mt Roland Parklands offers 19km worth of hiking trails through the beautiful Tasmanian forest. You can also take a self-guided tour at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, complete with koalas (of course), kangaroos and wallabies up close! This park is located south of Launceston on the edge of Hobart city centre – perfect for those who don’t have cars or want to get out into nature without having too far to walk back home after their hike adventure ends.

what to do in Launceston Cornwall

The following post will give you some valuable tips if you have been wondering what to do in Launceston, Cornwall. Launceston is a small town with plenty of great ideas for fun family days, including beautiful beaches and river walks.

  • Luncheon at the Launceston Club
  • Visit the Cataract Gorge
  • Climb to the top of St. George’s Bell Tower
  • Visit City Park
  • Go back in time to Launceston’s museums

what to do in Launceston without a car

Launceston has a rich history, and it’s easy to spend your entire time exploring the town. However, if you’re staying for a few days or more, plenty of places can be easily reached by foot. Here are some ideas:

  • Botanic Gardens – The gardens are located on the northeastern edge of town and offer plenty of green space for walking. You can also see some beautiful trees and interesting statues along the way.
  • War Memorial Cenotaph – This monument commemorates those who lost their lives in war and is located at the centre of Jacksons Park in Launceston City Center. It’s an impressive structure with an eternal flame burning inside (there is also a museum beneath this monument).
  • Cataract Gorge – If you’d like something more active than just walking around town, consider driving to Cataract Gorge Nature Reserve, where paths are suitable for hikers or mountain bikers. The trail winds through beautiful scenery, including waterfalls and limestone caves, before reaching its terminus at Cataract Dam itself!

things to do in Launceston without a car

There are many things to do in Launceston that don’t require a car. Walking tours, bike rides and bus trips are great ways to explore the city.

  • Walking Tours: The best way to see Launceston is by foot! You can take many walking tours that provide interesting information about the city’s history and most popular attractions.
  • Bikes: Renting a bicycle will allow you to navigate the city on your own time, stopping whenever you wish to experience something new or take photographs of beautiful landscapes. If you plan on renting one for an extended period (more than one day), consider purchasing an annual membership card at one of several participating locations around town, so there isn’t any hassle when returning it. Your membership will also give you access to discounted rates for bike parts/repairs and other services offered by various local businesses, such as cafes or stores selling groceries/vitamins, etcetera! Note: Children under age 14 must wear helmets while riding bikes. Taxis: If walking or riding doesn’t appeal to itself as “fun” enough, why not take a taxi ride instead? These vehicles run on green energy sources, so they have minimal impact on our environment, which makes them even more environmentally friendly than regular cars would be.

how to travel around Tasmania without a car

Tasmania is a small island, and you can quickly get around without a car. There are at least five ways to get around Tasmania:

  • Bus service
  • Taxi service
  • Car hire agency with driver or self-drive options
  • Train service (limited)
  • Cruise ship connection

what to do in Launceston on Christmas day

You’ll have to plan for the best Christmas Day in Launceston. Here are a few ideas:

  • Visit the city’s famous Cataract Gorge Park and look out for the blue glow worms that light up at night! The park is open all year round, so it’s a great place to visit no matter what time of year.
  • Go on a snow ride at Mt Field National Park! The park is located 120 km southwest of Launceston and offers some fantastic scenery and skiing opportunities during the winter months (June-September).
  • Take your kids on an adventure at Adventure World Theme Park! There are many fun rides here, including the Ferris wheel, which gives 360-degree views over Tasmanian Countryside. With activities like mini golf and laser tag also available, there is something for everyone at Adventure World Theme Park!

what to do in Launceston Tasmania

Launceston, Australia, is a great city for exploring. There’s no shortage of things to do in Launceston, from visiting the Cataract Gorge or taking a stroll at Tamar Valley Wineries to checking out local parks like Mount Stuart and Prospect Hill. If you’re looking for some ideas of what to do in Launceston, Tasmania, here are six suggestions:

  • Take a hike at the Cataract Gorge – this is one of the best ways to escape city life and experience nature firsthand. At approximately 5 kilometres long, it’s not too difficult but not so easy that anyone can do it (unless they’re willing). The views are stunning!
  • Have lunch at Fashion Kitchen & Bar. Suppose you haven’t had enough time today or tonight after returning home late last night with your friends because they wanted something special just because their friends were visiting from overseas. This might be an option for tomorrow evening after work or school finishes so everyone gets together again before heading off in different directions again next week. When summer holidays begin over those few months where nothing happens except sleeping away long hours during daylight hours when most people aren’t awake anyway.

what to see in Launceston Tasmania

Launceston is the second largest city in Tasmania, and its history dates back to 1806. The town is located in the North of the state and has a population of around 100,000.

Launceston was originally founded as a penal colony but soon became an important centre for trade. Today it’s still one of Tasmania’s most popular destinations for visitors to explore!


Launceston is the perfect place to visit if you want to explore Tasmania. There are so many beautiful places to see and things to do in Launceston that it can be overwhelming. But don’t worry! We’ve compiled an extensive list of recommendations for what kind of activities will suit your taste and interests.

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