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See the 2022 Social Bookmarking Site List for 2022

List of bookmarks for public bookmarks 2022 online websites where users can share various web pages, blog posts, videos, photos, and articles.

It’s a great way for users to manage, edit, search and store many useful web pages and blogs they come across, and would like to share them with others or maybe visit them again.

Since these sites are web-based services, the user can access online bookmarks on any device at any time.

These websites get content based on user preferences and their feeds are tailored, and this allows users with similar interests to connect, view their favorite websites and share useful articles.

So, let’s quickly understand what “Social Bookmarking site list 2022” is and how it works.

What is Social Bookmarking Sites List?

Let’s split the word social + bookmarking. It means booking your website on social media as they have a large number of visitors.

Social Platforms: When multiple users visit and share on their own.

Bookmarks: Maintain a link to your website (URL of your website) in bookmarking forums to generate quality backlinks and traffic.

So, in the language of SEO, It is an online submission function that comes under off-page SEO where any registered user can share web bookmarks.

The Importance of Social Sharing

Certainly bookmarking a social bookmark, has improved the search engine ranking of your websites and blogs by allowing you to improve your content bookmarks and share them with people.

Here are some suggestions on how to use public bookmarks.

Increased traffic to a website: A social bookmark is one of the easiest ways to attract the right number of people to your website.

Creating a social networking bookmark makes it easy for users and audiences to find your website when they search for a specific topic from which you can create content.

Profit: If your blog or website is designed for your income, an increase in traffic means an increase in your revenue.

If you have a profitable website or blog, more visitors to your blog can be valuable to you, and Social Bookmarking Site List 2022 will be able to help in that situation.

Thunder: Social Bookmarking is man-made, which means the bot cannot use this method.

So, that means all social bookmarks will be live, and it can be easier for your site / blog to be visible to more people online, which increases your popularity.

How to make Social Bookmarking list ?

There are so many tips to keep in mind when booking a web page. Some of these are:

Select the appropriate category.
Add appropriate and limited tags.
Follow the bookmarks website bookmarks.
Describe your web page appropriately.
Don’t put one URL too often.

To create social bookmarks, first of all, you need to collect data for your website.

Example: Title, description of your site, keyword, tag, your entire social media link, video link if you have a picture of your business.

All of these kinds of information you should have needed while making a social bookmark.

So here I am going to tell you how to make a social bookmark in the right way for your website. Let’s follow the steps I will share below.

Select the URL of your website that you want to promote.
URL must have a keyword associated with it, write a funny description related to that keyword.
Open any booking website like Diggo, Reddit.
Login or Register on the website (if promoted).
Click the Submit link.
Enter the required information.
Click Submit.
Copy the generated URL and paste it into the excel sheet

Note: Always keep an excel record of all social sharing you do.

The top 15 public bookmarking / sharing sites by 2022

Social Bookmarking Sites List
Social Bookmarking Sites List

Google Bookmarks | DA 100

Google Bookmarks Managed by Google, which helps you share content, photos, or videos across all circles, communities, or interest-based groups called ‘collections’.

It also allows users to easily find content around their favorite topics, save it, or share it with collaborators.

LinkedIn Corporation | DA 97

LinkedIn has become one of the best forums for sharing and posting content for B2B audiences. It is good for professionals to find input and engagement from other professionals in their niche.

Those audiences give you high-quality links from those who need expertise in your topic. | DA 96 is one of the most popular social networking sites, where you can create groups and social media pages, organize events, and send messages to other users.

You can also share photos, video, and audio or play browser-based games.

Facebook | DA 95

Facebook is the largest website in the world that acts as a content sharing platform with a large number of daily forwarding traffic.

It also captures the latest trends, news articles, and discussion topics using keyword searches.Therefore, you can take timely steps to produce relevant content on Facebook, which may bring more or more page sharing.

My place | DA 95

MySpace is a social sharing site where you can submit your site or blog using its Feed Submit form. Using the form, you can submit your feed, URL, and select a related category.

Pinterest | DA 94

With over 70 million users, Pinterest has become a huge platform for booking your favorite ideas, recipes, work, and photos.

With top-level authorization and 250 million people using this site per month, this is the website you should be posting on.

Instagram | DA 93

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. It is a very visible forum, where you can share videos and photos.

You must use Instagram News and Live Features. It is very popular among the younger generations.

Twitter | DA 93

Twitter is another social sharing site with millions of active users worldwide, generating 500 million tweets daily.

New and engaging content can help your brands grow followers in profiles, lists, and monitor user interactions based on retweets, responses, and likes.

Slashdot | DA 91

Slashdot is a social sharing site that shows the latest news brought by users.It also shares full links to Linux, games, phone, security, administrators, book reviews, and much more. You need to check the shipping guidelines.

GetPocket | DA 91

GetPocket is also a social media bookmarking site that lets you share content and save it for later viewing. It also allows you to listen to published stories.

Flipboard | DA 91

Flipboard is a social sharing site and content list that balances its goal in personal fulfillment. It wants its users to discover content that keeps them informed, keeps them engaged in the world, and makes them better overall.

Reddit | DA 90

Reddit is one of the best online social networking sites. It is one of the most popular websites where you can share links to articles, news, videos, and photos.

With over 330 million users worldwide, Reddit is an excellent social sharing website to promote your businesses and content.

Digigo | DA89

Diigo is a social sharing site that helps you bookmark, tag, compile, store, and archive web pages that you are interested in and compatible with.

A sure way to shoot users so they don’t lose sight of the websites and URLs they find interesting and informative.

Pluk | DA 88

Plurk is a social media platform that works as slowly as twitter. This social sharing site is a great way to spread information, news, and updates.

This platform, called Plurk, requires its users to stick 210 characters of text while sharing content.

Thumblr | DA87

Tumblr is a social sharing platform that allows you to create your own multimedia mini-blog posts based on the content you want to share.

You can also create your own content to share, allowing you to take a title, blog post, or visual content, and upload it to your Tumblr. Additionally, you can learn how to verify your Tumblr blog.

List of Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites

S. No. Emerging Social Bookmarking Sites Domain Authority (DA)
01 35
02 35
03 29
04 29
05 27
06 27
07 23
08 23
09 22
10 22
11 22
12 21
13 21
14 17
15 17
16 15
17 07
18 07

List of High DA Social Bookmarking / Sharing Sites

S. No. High DA Social Bookmarking Sites Domain Authority (DA)
01 94
02 93
03 92
04 92
05 92
06 92
07 92
08 92
09 92
10 91
11 91
12 90
13 89
14 88
15 87
16 86
17 85
18 84
19 82
20 80

Dofollow Social Bookmarking / Sharing Sites List 2021

S. No. Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites Domain Authority (DA)
01 93
02 87
03 84
04 79
05 79
06 78
07 78
08 73
09 71
10 68
11 60
12 60
13 59
14 58
15 58
16 56
17 54
18 53
19 53
20 50

High Quality Social Bookmarking / Sharing Sites

S. No. High Quality Social Bookmarking Sites Domain Authority (DA)
01 78
02 77
03 62
04 56
05 52
06 47
07 46
08 45
09 44
10 33
11 29

Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites Below 50 DA

S. No. Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites Domain Authority (DA)
01 43
02 42
03 41
04 40
05 40
06 40
07 40
08 40
09 40
10 39
11 37
12 28
13 24
14 24
15 22

The Fastest Way to Book Your Website
Social Bookmarking Sites List or routing or sharing via those sites where account registration is required.

Step 1 – Go to the website and find the login / subscription page, then sign up. You can choose to sign in with a third party as most social networking sites have access points like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter & etc.

Step 2 – After logging in, you can bookmark any web link with a supported web address in the reservation or delivery site.

social bookmarking or forwarding or sharing via those sites where account registration is not required.

Your One Step – Select any of your web links with a supported web address and click Submit and get your authorized link to book or share or share.
Benefits of This Public Allocation
Social bookmarking / forwarding / sharing is required to mark any old or recent web link built into all social networking sites for individual backlinks.

Social Bookmarking is considered as one of the top three SEO tasks to increase the volume of your business.

The main benefits of booking are as follows:

It is one of the best and most innovative media to keep your website up to date.
For internet users, it is one of the easiest ways to help them save, search, organize, and bookmark their searches.
The public bookmark will generate more traffic to your website almost instantly.
This is the best backlinks service to increase your rankings.
By using a social bookmark, you can easily find a good quality of your website that is very hard to find.
The social bookmark helps build branding and improves YouTube’s SEO through video sharing.

Final thoughts
I hope the complete list of the above social sharing sites will definitely help you in SEO performance so you can easily increase your website traffic.

Social bookmarking is the 2nd content marketing process and one of the top 3 SEO activities that builds your brand online presence among your target audience.

So, what do you expect? Just check out all the sites one by one and don’t forget to share your favorite SEO sharing sites in the comments section.


In my whole professional life, I have dedicated my time to SEO. I have gained a lot of experience in SEO which enables me to rank sites within a short time. You have to stand apart from the crowd through the implementation of proven SEO strategies and that is what my team and I are dedicated to doing. We offer high-quality outreach, guest posts, backlinks, and complete SEO packages.


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