Rocket Fishing Rod- The Secrets In 2022


Rocket Fishing Rod has brought the most joyful news for kids who love to fish. It is specially designed for kids like toy guns that can automatically fire up to 30 feet. Therefore, it does not need to be cast like traditional fishing rods.

This is an incredibly tasty gadget for kids ages eight and up. It’s good to know that the rocket fishing rod is designed for kids who love to go fishing with their fishing-loving parents.

This is the review guide for the best rocket fishing rods. So read the complete article to find out more.

Rocket Rod

The new and improved Rocket Fishing Rod

The Rocket fishing rod is the only and first novelty for children from the famous brand. This take on kids is certainly commendable. It’s good to know that the Rocket fishing rod has already gained popularity among many rods. At the same time, the price of a rocket fishing rod is much less.

One of the advantages of this rod is that it is suitable for children of all ages, as it has the ability to replace several children’s rods. To get a real fish, the child will have to pump it and shoot it like a handgun.

Main characteristics:

  • An effective fishing bobber can help you get to the bait depending on the desired water depth.
  • This is a unique rod that the cat automatically casts up to 30 feet.
  • Includes a safety float that hides the hook while it touches the water.
  • High-tech precision ABS construction material made this rod durable.
  • It offers the simplest user interface in just three steps.

The included components come with this rocket rod

Luckily, jet rod buyers get a complete kit within their budget. For example, it comes with 

  • 1-safe float
  • 2 hooks
  • 150ft 8lb line
  • 2 stop lines
  • 1 weight
  • Complete instruction manual

So you don’t have to buy everything separately.

Buyers rate this excellent rod highly. In particular, they are very impressed with the automatic casting method and the easy-to-use features. In addition, many customers are satisfied with the solid construction, user manual, and excellent performance.

Some customers have complained about sticking inside the shaft. This can happen if you have not used this rod for a long time as it is made of ABS plastic and will not rust without proper care.

Using a reactive rod

The rocket fishing rod is a bit like a nerf gun and a bit like a fishing rod. It has a barrel and a trigger and you should use it as a toy gun. There are no complex features here, so it’s very accessible.


The unique advantage of this rod is that there is a safety button next to the reel. This is why your child will not pull the trigger directly. The child must hold the safety button while pulling the trigger. The safety button is necessary because it prevents accidental operation and protects people in close proximity from injury.


The float is also an integral part of this rod. It looks like a cylinder with an open neck. Your child can pull on the end of the line to add a hook, bait, or weight. After that, they close their mouths. It is useful to know that the closed mouth will be open when the float touches the water. As a result, the hook with the bait will fall into the intended place.

Ready to fish

Now your casting has been successful, you should wait and control the line as you need. That’s all.

Rocket Fishing Rod Benefits

  • Hobbies for children:

These rods can be a great way to get your kids excited about a new fun game. Since it is very easy to use, most children can use it on their own, so there will be no hassle for you. Your children can have fun fishing at their leisure.

  • Quality time with parents:

If you love fishing and can’t leave the house with small children, this rod will solve your problem. If your toddler is over five years old, you can take him with you and let him use the rocket rod. In addition, it is a beautiful rod with proper safety features. At the same time, when you spend time with your child on a fishing trip, a good bond develops between you.

  • New outdoor travel experience:

If you wish, you can leave the child at home and give him the opportunity to play home games. But any walk in the fresh air will give your child a sense of the world around him and strengthen his mental health. So this is a good option to give them a rocket rod.

  • Increases your level of confidence:

This will surely increase the confidence of all children as they will use the new device themselves. Not only that, they will be happier when they can catch fish.

  • Rocket rod alternative

Although the rocket rod is best suited for children, you can look at other options if you wish, as not all products may suit all children’s preferences. For example, a tangle-free youth fishing rod would be another great choice for your kids. So you can try this fishing rod too.

My Own Story With Rocket Fishing Rod:

After a long day with over 8″ long bait and eight hours of hauling large lines over weed beds, we are all learning the hardships of a long day on the water. Naturally, the thought of using my favorite lure was a cold fever to my aching shoulder. Okay, now let’s get down to business – the Rocket Fishing Rod is made the same way most lures are: for catching an angler or, in this case, a child, not necessarily for catching fish.

Rocket fishing rod leaves much to be desired. The barrel is more like a pump-action cannon firing a capsule. Inside the pod are your chosen lure/bait and a bobber for visual appeal. Inside the barrel is the enclosed spinning reel that most of us started fishing with. There is no fishing rod, so fishing is not possible. Head jerks are imperceptible, and all the little fisherman can do is fish on horseback. Cannon shooting may be the only entertainment you will get on this fishing device. While the design is smart, it’s not practical.

Last summer the boys and I tested the Rocket rod and our results were poor. The average cast/burst was 20 feet and getting the pod to release the bait was a challenge at times. The rocket rod is also prone to bird nest after bird nest, sometimes stopping the explosion before it reaches 5 feet due to line crossing.

My two boys (aged 5 and 7 at the time) were arguing over who would cast the lure, but when the novelty wore off, my eldest decided to get back to casting his ultralight. He wanted action, and if Rocket Rod is missing something, it’s action. When you use a regular rod and the fishing gets tricky, it’s easy to attach new bait and teach the boys new tactics. If the fish isn’t biting, then at least it’s busy with the action it’s creating by using the new bait.

When the fish decided to hit our rocket line, there was no game and the boys asked if the fish was still alive. It was not at all the excitement they were used to when a decent spotted seal slapped and shakes this ultralight in their hand. The Rocket Fishing Rod did the opposite and made fishing boring instead of exciting.

As an angler, this device goes against what I consider to be the basics of fishing. Knowing which rod, reel, and line to use, as well as good presentation, is the key to success. These fundamentals are not taken into account when blasting with a rocket rod.

I’m happy to report that Rocket fishing Rod hasn’t wet any line since, and it’s not my choice. It’s held on by children’s cane holders and none of them pick it up. As my eldest son said, “Dad, I can throw twice as far as this thing can explode.”

Take your kids fishing. Teach them the way you were taught and don’t fall for tricks.

Save $30 and spend it on an installed reel for your kids. Believe me, in a few years they will thank you.


  • How far does the rocket rod shoot?

The Rocket rod can shoot up to 25 feet. This rod is compatible with kids of all ages as it can be considered a standard rod.

  • Which rod is best for freshwater?

The KastKing Crixus rods and the Ugly Stik GX2 are two of the best rods for freshwater fishing.

  • How to use the rocket rod?

To use the Rocket Fishing Rod, you must press the safety button and pull the trigger at the same time. Then turn the handle counterclockwise and screw the float into the barrel. In the next one, drag the front handle in every possible way. When you hear a clicking sound, release the trigger from your hand.

  • What is a rocket rod?

This is a unique rod for children’s fishing. Accordingly, it is easily accessible and pleasant to use.

  • What is the most expensive rod?

TACO Marine OT-3160CF Carbon Fiber Tele is the most expensive rod in the world.

The last word

I made this rocket fishing rod review for parents who love to keep their kids happy while fishing. The rocket fishing rod is not only easier to use, but also fun and enjoyable. Most importantly, it has a safety float that keeps the child safe at all times.

The end benefits of this product for kids are amazingly good. If you find this guide useful, please share it with your loved ones to make their child’s day enjoyable.

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