Play Mat Baby


Play mats are basically flat foam or padded fabric surfaces on which the child is safe to play. It provides a safe and hygienic, stimulating environment for your kid’s. These non-toxic and eco-friendly activity mats give you an organic and hypoallergenic environment for your little one.

Product Name: Kids Foam Puzzle Floor Play Mat

Brand Name: TLCmat

Size: All

Color: Variety 36 tiles

Material:  Non Toxic EVA Foam

About this item

    • Heat Insulation: This mat has the most important advantage. It perfectly insulates the child from the cold floor and a comfortable temperature is maintained regardless of the time of year. The baby will not get cold while playing and crawling.
  • Safety: Play mats are soft, springy and have anti-slip notches. It provides the necessary safety for a small child who is just learning to walk which makes them suitable for one-year-olds.
  • Easy to clean: Normal rugs do not absorb liquids and are not easily cleaned from stains that may appear from playing with watercolor paints, glue, clay and other materials. With TLCmat tile is broken in any way, it can be changed easily with a new one.


  • Soft, springy and have anti-slip notches.
  • Maintains bright colors and a beautiful presentable appearance for a long time.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Has good sound insulation properties.
  • EVA high-density durable foam provides protection for your kid’s on wooden or tile floors.

How to use?

36 Interlocking puzzle pieces (12″x12″), 36 sq feet, you can use a few tiles to cover a small area. The item comes with enough edges so that you can make one big piece or a few small areas or some blocks as per your needs.

In conclusion, the Kids Foam Puzzle Floor Play Mat is a great option for those who are looking for an affordable way to develop kid’s fine motor skills and visual sensory development. It has a variety of different sizes. So choose our baby play mat for your child and ensure the safety of children on the floor.

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