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Lowes Near Me One of the main principles of Lowe’s Livable Home 7 is to make it easy for all the occupants of the house. Whether it’s a kitchen, bath, laundry room, or closet, you can achieve this by taking a few steps:

Adjust cabinetry, shelves, and doors for right- and left-handed users.

Build material to be accessible from a sitting or standing position.

Keep the material simple. They should be easy to open and accessible to everyone with minimal effort.

Match the difference between hand size and grip strength.

They provide lowes near me of all services: https://www.lowes.com/

These multipurpose devices work like voice-controlled virtual assistants: listen to music, set up drug reminders, listen to weather forecasts, or even control compatible home fixtures with the sound of your voice, like a smart thermostat.

Non-Slip Rug Grips

Slippery areas create the risk of falling and can be challenging to navigate for those who use walking or walking aids. If you do not want to remove area rugs altogether, consider adding a non-slip layer for safety: choose a non-skid carpet pad under each rug. An adhesive corner grip or double-sided carpet to secure the edges and corners. Use tape, Curling.

Digital Photo Frames

Bring future family photo albums with digital photo frames – which can cycle through favorite snapshots using a USB memory stick or memory card or connecting to your home Wi-Fi network. These digital photo frames allow you to post pictures of friends, family, and experiences and various style options to match your existing home decor.

Bathroom Upgrades

The bathroom is an area of ​​the home where accidents are more likely to occur, says Elder Care Consultant Mercy Baskin, a certified senior adviser and managing director at the Senior Care Authority. Age-friendly bathroom upgrades include add-ons such as grab bars (mounted to showers and toilets), shower chairs or toilet seats, and, if possible, improvements such as walk-in showers and wheelchair-friendly sinks.

Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuums work automatically to keep the floor clean and free from dirt, dust, and other debris, removing stiffness and physical strain from vacuuming. Some boast of features like automatic evacuation or integration with a smartphone app or intelligent speaker for extra control over scheduling and scheduling areas of cleanliness.

Lighting Essentials

Baskin says that adequate lighting throughout the house – including spaces such as hallways and garages – is a crucial consideration for those in aging areas. Take stock of any dark area at night and during the day, and add fixtures or lamps accordingly. Another safety tip? Place a simple plug-in nightlight in each room.

Door Levers

Arthritis or skill problems can be challenging for those who realize traditional door knobs and turning. Consider switching knobs for lever-style door handles, which are easy to use. Internal and external options, including deadbolts and other types of locks, are available.

Lever or Touchless Faucets

Like the Dorcan Ubs, the lever-style fixtures are easier to use than the traditional handles of bathroom and kitchen sinks. Are you looking to go luxurious in the kitchen? Consider upgrading to a touchless call, which allows your loved ones to turn the tap water hands-free on and off using a motion sensor.

Bedroom Modifications

Some changes can make a big difference in the bedroom. Consider upgrading the floor (decrease pile carpeting is better, Baskin says) and put money into an adjustable mattress for additional consolation and simplicity of having inside and outside the mattress. If your bedroom is upstairs, Baskin says to consider moving it to the ground floor to increase accessibility.

Doorbell Options

The age-friendly alternative to traditional doorbells, which can be very quiet for people with hearing loss, has extra-loud models or flashing lights that indicate when someone is at the door. If security is a concern, consider a smart doorbell camera to screen viewers and be careful if there is a person on the delivery door. Be conscious that a few cameras require a further month-to-month subscription fee.

About AARP

AARP is a non-profit exchange organization that allows people to choose how they live as they age. For more information on caring and intelligent ways to make a home comfortable, safe, and suitable for people of all ages, visit www.aarp.org/yourhome

Animal & Pet care Lowes Near Me

We understand the special bond between humans and their pets at Lowe’s. That’s why we’ve added a ton of new pet supplies and accessories, such as a comfortable dog bed, so you can make your hairy friend feel right at home.

Happy Pets

Pets are happier after they consume correctly and exercise. This is why we are happy to offer dog collars, shoes, and pet ribs in every rainbow color. So the two of you can perfectly combine for a more stylish trip around the block. For cats, our Cat Tower inspires climbing and exploring to keep them engaged and active.

When you’re not taking them for a walk or watching them climb the cat tower, use pet toys as a fun way to entertain your Pet. From soft plush toys and chewing gum to interactive toys, playing will be a favorite time for your Pet. And for pet parents, our selection of pet decorations and self-cleaning litter boxes will help eliminate your home’s odor. Also, our litter box enclosures are available in styles and colors for your home decor. Some work so well that they make the location of your cat box a complete mystery to guests.

Home Sweet Home

Lowes, near me, understands that not every dog ​​is a collar dog. That’s why we provide a variety of dog crates, doghouses, and dog kennels in sizes and shapes for each dog and each yard. Inside, you may set barriers with puppy gates. Then, shop for a new pet experience on Lowes.com to see a complete inventory of products from your familiar and preferred brands, such as YETI. For a contact-free shopping experience, choose Curbside Pickup, and a store associate will load your order into your car for you.

Home Appliance Lowes Near Me

Bring skills and style into your home with a new instrument from Lowes near me. With our wide selection of state-of-the-art equipment from leading brands, you will get more flexible productivity with the advantage of being energy-efficient. And with the unique values ​​you get every day at Lowes near me, you can be sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

Update Your Kitchen

Configure your kitchen work triangle with updated appliances to make kitchen tasks more manageable. For example, imagine a kitchen with a counter-depth fridge with a fingerprint-resistant finish, a gas oven, a stainless steel induction stove or brown range hood overhead with a downdraft electric range, and an ultra-quiet Bush dishwasher. We even got a countertop dishwasher for the small kitchen.

Lovers of the brand would love to shop for our top-tier gas and electric stoves. Check out Whirlpool®’s stoves, Samsung stoves, and LG stoves, to name a few.

Make a Good Morning Great With Small Appliances

Morning matter. That’s why Greed offers a variety of coffee machines and espresso machines so you can start the day right. Then, if you have some more time, why not make a delicious breakfast with a toaster, waffle maker, or air fryer? We carry the brand, color, and style you need to make a good morning great.

Take On Dirty Laundry

When you find a busy family, expect a pile of laundry. Lowes near me has you covered. Whirlpool® Tackle your laundry tasks with top-load washers or washer and dryer combos with the best features like impellers, large-capacity units, Wi-Fi capabilities, and more.

Get FREE Delivery With Basic Installation

Finally, when you purchase an appliance for $396 or more, we’ll bring it to you for free. Plus, with delivery, you’ll get a real hookup and a quick academic out from your installer on how to use your new appliance. From French door refrigerators and side-by-side refrigerators to compact appliances for small spaces and gas stoves – whatever you are looking for – we have all the equipment you need to make your life easier and look stylish.

Automotive Lowes Near Me

Whether it’s your sedan, SUV, or pickup truck, we’ve got car add-ons and car devices to hold your vehicle, searching superbly and walking smoothly. Browse our accessory selection in any situation.

For Reviving Dead Batteries

Sometimes you turn the key on the ignition, which doesn’t work. A car battery charger or jump starter is an excellent tool for staying in the garage or at work; it will be effective when you need to shake the battery juice. But what if you weren’t at home when you discovered that your car battery was dead? For peace of mind in bad weather, old batteries, or other unforeseen circumstances, rely on a portable car battery charger or jump starter where you may need to jump. And those may be saved withinside the trunk of your vehicle at your convenience. Buy manufacturers you already know and trust, consisting of Schumacher Electric Jump Starter, Duracell Car Charger, Kobalt® Jump Starter, and more significant others.

For Low-Fuel Emergencies

Keeping extra gas cans in your vehicle is always a good idea. Take someone with you on a road trip, put it in a workplace, or store it in your garage for a lawn mower or generator – you never know when you may need extra gas. Whether you are transporting or reserving it, make sure the gas is easy to use and can be adequately sealed to prevent fumes and emissions. Shop for quality options that meet your energy needs, work with the tools you’re using, and have any safety features you may want for extra security.

To keep the Interior and Exterior Clean.

Your car does a lot for you, so ensure you care for it by keeping it clean inside and out. From the seat upholstery and floorboards to the dash and windshield, the car’s interior cleaners make everything inside look safe, spotless, and fresh. In addition, tools such as car exterior cleaners and automatic cleaning brushes remove grit and stains from the back of the road, restoring showroom brightness to the car’s body.

For Hauling Equipment

Need to carry a powerful tool or machine to work or pack for a weekend trip to the beach? Expand your trunk space with towing tools. We have the whole thing you want to get from factor A to factor A, consisting of trailers, hatches, loading ramps, and more significant.

The Extra Touches

Accessories such as cell phone car mounts and wireless chargers make driving your car more accessible and safer. They mount on your windshield or dash and are great for holding devices while you’re on the road so you can securely see GPS or answer calls. Other small details, such as seat covers, license plates, and floor mats, allow you to add your personal touch to your car. No matter where your work or adventure takes you, we are here to help you safely get to where you are going. Shop everything online automatically and place your order in the store for the ultimate convenience.

Bathroom Lowes Near Me

Turn your bathroom into a cozy place customized just for you. So whether you’re searching out a whole restroom redecorate or want a few innovative restroom thoughts, we’ve got you covered.

We Have What You Need

Breathe new lifestyles into your restroom layout with up-to-date decor and high-priced rest room furnishings like vanity, bathe door, tile, perimeter, lavatory, and more. Detailed updates can also affect you if you are not in the market for a total bathroom renovation. Installing new restroom hardware and different restroom units consisting of towel rods and hooks, pulling cabinets, framed restroom mirrors, and greater can upload a new, cohesive appearance in your space. Are you looking for some bathroom space-saver ideas? Greed can help with toilet over-the-toilet storage, medicine cabinets, shelving, and other solutions.

Upgrade Your Shower Experience

Whether you’re looking for a comfortable walk-in shower or the luxury of upgraded equipment, Greed is here to help. Inside the shower, we offer an array of shower floor and wall tiles to help you create an oasis when you start your day. And if you are concerned that the selection process may be irresistible, we feature complete shower kits that include a shower pan, walls, and a high-quality glass enclosure.

Of course, you’ll want to continue the upgrades throughout the rest of your bathroom. Buy our bathroom floor tiles and bathroom wall tiles so that you create a space that reflects your style. And when you upgrade, you may want to consider a luxury upgrade to the heated tile floor.

More Functional Facilities

When making your bathroom experience more enjoyable, look no further. We bring several merchandises designed to enhance hygiene and lavatories with bidet or TOTO lavatories. We even offer the popular Squatty Potty. In addition, shop our toilet seats for a more comfortable experience with features like soft-close and heating. We also offer a selection of portable toilets to ensure that facilities are always available for travelers or those who need to modify their homes to provide home care.

Get Help With the Installation

Creating a new, cutting-edge restroom may be a massive project. If you are uncomfortable with a particular project, let us help you do the work. Third-party professionals can install vanities, fixtures, toilets, backsplash, sinks, and faucets – all with a labor guarantee.

Get Inspired

Need a new bathroom design or a large, luxurious bathroom? Our restroom thoughts and collections are cautiously crafted with tile, vanity, and end to create a cohesive, put-collectively appearance – inferred from your redecorate.

Cleaning Supplies Lowes Near Me

At Lowes near me, we have everything you need for your home’s maintenance, from grout cleaners and mold removers for bathrooms to appliance cleaners, rust removers, laundry cleaners, and kitchen pads. And to help you stay on top of it, we offer a clean subscription with automatic delivery and free shipping to ensure you always have a paper towel, disinfectant, and whatever you need.

Kitchen Cleaning Essentials

For kitchen cabinets, backsplash, and sinks, dilute the cleaning soap with water and use a soft dishcloth to ease the surfaces. Consider using a professional grout cleaner with a baking soda mixture or grout cleaner for hard stains or grease on surfaces like your backsplash.For countertops, use a non-abrasive material, dish cleaning soap, or a moderate all-cause cleaner. If you have a granite countertop, choose a specially made-granite and stone spray.

Bathroom Maintenance Must-Haves

The bathroom is a breeding ground for bacteria. Regularly clean your toilet, shower, and sink area to keep these germs off their tracks. For the toilet, we recommend the LYSOL Toilet Bowl Cleaner – either the liquid option that you press into the toilet and brush with a wire brush or the automatic tabs attached to the toilet bowl and clean with each flush. Of course, bleach is always an option. For tiling around the sink or in the shower, you can mix vinegar and essential oil in a spray water bottle. Consider investing in a tile and grout steam cleaner for hard stains, mold, and more. We also sell a variety of plug-ins and spray air fresheners, which are essential for the bathroom.

Keep Your Floors Debris-Free

Floors are challenging to keep clean because they are used regularly. However, cleaning them often is essential, so they do not get out of hand. We have all kinds of floor cleaners to help you get things done, including brooms, vacuum cleaners, floor mops, and floor polishes.

Exterior Home Cleaning Solutions

When it involves cleansing and keeping your home, remember approximately the exterior. At Lowes near me, we have outdoor cleaners for decks, siding, steps, drains, fences, and more. We also sell pressure washers and pressure washer detergents for extensive work. Not sure how to handle a task like pressure washing? See our how-to guide here.


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