Knee Length Dresses Are The Perfect ‘Come-Down’ Dress If You Like Short Skirts


I love short skirts, but I only sometimes have time to change clothes when I want to wear something different. I love knee-length dresses: they’re the perfect ‘come-down’ dress if you like short skirts! If you still need to wear a knee-length dress or are thinking about giving them a try, I’ll share with you some of my favorite reasons for wearing them.

Knee-length dresses are perfect for that effortless, elegant transition away from the short and tight mini.

If you’re like me, you love the high energy of short skirts and dresses but sometimes need a little break from all that skin. Consider knee-length dresses as an alternative to your favorite mini dress. They’re perfect for those days when you don’t want to be so exposed but still want to look cute and sassy. Knee-length dresses offer slightly more coverage without looking frumpy or dowdy. It’s just an easy way to transition into warmer weather without feeling like you’ve given up on your signature style.

If you’re not sure how to get started with this new trend, here are some ideas:

When you’re feeling like your usual go-to bodycon or short skirt outfits don’t feel right now, the knee-length dress can help you feel at ease with yourself.

You may feel a little unsure about your wardrobe, but if you’re used to wearing shorter hemlines and showing off your legs, don’t worry. A knee-length dress can be the perfect way to ease into longer hemlines. It’s a safe alternative that still lets you rock those sexy stilettos.

The knee-length dresses are fabulous because they’re also a good transition from short skirts (if you’ve meant to wear them again) to bodycon and short dresses.

The knee-length dress is an excellent option for those who aren’t 100% comfortable showing off their legs.

The knee-length dress is an excellent option if you still need to get ready to bare your legs like it’s summer. It’s a perfect way to ease into showing more skin. If you’re self-conscious about your legs, this is an excellent way to show them off without feeling too exposed. It’s also perfect for those who aren’t 100% comfortable with their bodies; it’s just enough coverage that you can feel confident in what you’re wearing (even if it doesn’t look like much).

If this sounds like something that would be helpful for your wardrobe, let us know! We have many different styles and colors available for purchase online or in one of our stores near North Carolina and South Carolina!

The knee-length dress offers slightly more coverage without looking frumpy or dowdy.

The knee-length dress offers slightly more coverage without looking frumpy or dowdy. In addition, it’s an excellent alternative to the short skirt, as it’s not quite as revealing. Knee-length dresses are also fabulous if you’re feeling like a long dress but feel free to spend less time on your hair and makeup getting ready for it – after all, you can wear most of your favorite summer outfits with them!

If you’re thinking about buying a new knee-length dress this season, there are some things that you should consider before making your purchase:

Knee-length dresses also offer a chance to show off your recently-done pedicure and cute new shoes!

Knee-length dresses also offer a chance to show off your recently-done pedicure and cute new shoes! Not only is this a great way to show off your legs (which are in great shape after all that walking), but it’s also a chance to show off how much time you’ve put into finding the perfect pair of heels or flats.

It’s important to remember that knee-length dresses are still short enough so that if you want to take things down another notch, there are plenty of ways to do so. For example, you can wear tights with some shorter skirts or choose a plain sweater over your dress if it gets chilly outside. The options are endless!

If you have somebody hang-ups and have been avoiding dresses altogether, stepping into a knee-length dress might be the perfect first step toward getting back into them.

If you’ve been avoiding dresses because of your body hang-ups, don’t worry: Knee-length dresses are a great way to ease into longer hemlines. The hemline is shorter than what we typically see on the runway and in mainstream fashion, and it offers more coverage up top. However, if knee length is too much exposure for you (even though it’s not), stick with a body-skimming pencil skirt or A-line dress instead.

But if you’re ready to take the plunge and wear something that leaves your legs exposed up to their ankles, there are plenty of options out there—and no need to feel awkward about it! Just remember these three things:

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles until you find something that suits your body type well
  • Your legs will look better than they did before
  • You will feel amazing

Start with a knee-length dress when easing into longer hemlines!

If you’re new to the world of long hemlines and aren’t ready for a full-length dress, a knee-length skirt is a perfect way to ease yourself into longer hemlines without feeling too exposed. It’s also a great option if you’re trying to get back into wearing dresses more often.

The key with these dresses is that they can still be flattering while covering up any problem areas or body parts you want to hide, like your legs! Also, a knee-length dress doesn’t give away much about your shape; it will just skim over them, so they don’t look as slim as they are.


In conclusion, we hope you feel inspired to give your wardrobe a minor update. If you’re looking for new ways to style your knee-length dresses, check out our blog posts about styling them with sneakers and sandals! Or if you need some more outfit ideas, check out our Pinterest page for more inspiration from all of us here at ModCloth.

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