Kindle Direct Publishing Explained: Is KDP Worth It in 2022 ?


KDP worth it in 2022 Are you thinking about publishing to the kindle direct publishing platform, and not sure if it’s gonna be a proper fit for you ?

Well today’s blog i’m gonna go agead and take a deeper dive in the kindle direct publishing explain, is KDP worth it in 2022, stay tuned

Hey, I’m infoiteb a best-selling author, as well as the self-publishing advocate who wants to show you how to publish books that sell.

If you want that too, make sure you click the share, Stick around to the end, becuase i’m gonna discuss why, or why you wouldn’t want to use the kindle direct publishing platform, and also i’m gonna give you a free resource. If you happen to be new to this business, it’ll help kinda navigate some of the waters, and understand some of these other minute details, that i won’t quite go over in this blog.

What is kindle direct publishing?

First of all what is kindle direct publishing? Well, otherwise known as KDP. in the land of self-publishing, this actually started aboout 2008 and it really started to blossom and grow, going into 2013, when we saw a really big boom. it,s what a lot of people refer to as the kindle publishing rush. A lot of people were rushing into it, to actually publish e-books, that was when it was just an e-book publishing platform. You fast-forward to today, it actually has e-books and print books.

How does KDP work?

Well, you actually have to prepare a lot of you stuff in advance, so don’t expect to go to the platform, and have them handhold you, so you’re gonna actually have to write your own content, you’re gonna have to format it, you’re gonna need to have your manuscript ready to go, you’re gonna need e-book cover, you’re gonna need a print cover, and also you’re gonna need other things, such as, you’re gonna need to have a formatted manuscript, and you’re gonna need to have your metadata in order.

Now, if you hear me say the word metadata, that refers to everything that pretty much describes your publication, that’s going to be your title, your subtitle, your book description, any kinda related keywords, so it’s more discoverable, any type of categories, your author name, and so much more.

How do you get paid ?

So let’s go ahead and talk about the KDP royalty structure, how much are you going to get paid, if you’re using this platform ? So something I didn’t mention before is it’s 100% free to use KDP, that’s right I’m not mincing any words,  there’s no trickery here, it’s 100% free. But it does come at a cost, because you’re not gonna get 100% of all royalties.

Publishing E books Through KDP

So let’s start it out with the e-books, because that’s what KDP had originally started with, and you actually get global distribution to over 40 different sales territories. That’s just a huge, huge, wide array of places that you can reach, that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do just on your own, and remember, this is going to the amazon platform, so that means there’s a ready-made audience just coming for content, as opposed if you were to try to fulfill this on your own website, without any real following, you’re gonna have to drive all that traffic in there.

KDP worth it 100% in 2022

With that being said, that’s why their e-book sales royalty structure’s a little bit hard to grasp, but stay with me here for just a second. You get to go ahead and set your e-book pricing, but it’s gonna be too specific royalty structures. The first one is 35% now you get 35% of all sales. Now this is when you are priced outside the sweet spot. I’m gonna get to that in just second here. Now when you have it priced outside of that sweet spot, you do have the 35% royalties, and they will also subtract any kind of applicable regional sales taxes, otherwise known as VAT, rather than me going through each one of the regions, and saying how much VAT is, in each one of those, you probably could just go into your dashboard when you go to upload, and figure that out on your own. 3.36


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