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How to open amazon kdp account

How to open amazon kdp account

Are you wondering, How do i publish my book on Amazon ?

How to open amazon kdp account? Well, today we’re gonna learn how to create a kdp account. so make sure you stay tuned. Hey I’m infoiteb admin best selling author, as well as a self-publishing advocate. who wants to show you how to publish books that sell Stick around to the very end because, actually, i am gonna show you not only how to crate a KDP account . But i’am also going to show you how to self-publish a book.

It’s gonna be a little bit off this blog, but i promise you it will be worth it, if you stay to the end.

So, why exactly are we gonna publish books on kindle direct publishing anyway? Well, it goes directly over to the online juggernaut known as Amazon and it’s bringing in the lion share of profits, when it comes to publications. So, why not align yourself with someone who has that reach and that audience that you can leverage. to really grow your off their brand ? Before you do open your KDP account, there are some best practices you need to consider.

First of all, open only one account, They are very, very fastidious on tracking people that open up multiple accounts on KDP. They do not like it. They only like to have one person, one account,

don’t try to test them
Avoid black hat tactics.

Now. judging by the fact that you’re reading
a how to crate a KDP account article, you may not be very familiar with those black hat tactics, but if it seems too good to be true in doing it, then it probably is too good to be true. And if you’ve been banned from KDP for any reason at all, I would just recommend go find alternatives. You know, there’s other websites you can able to self-publish to. there’s no sense in trying to open up yet another account only for them to shut it down. And most importantly, follow the amazon guidelines and i talk a little bit more of that a little bit later.

Go to kdp an click the sign up button.



Sign in with your amazon login or you can click Create your KDP account.


Review the KDP terms and conditions

Now this is the part that i told you, we’re gonna kind of briefly discuss. It’s going to be a lot of text from about a half hour or longer to kinda peel through that and some of it is gonna be filled full of legalese and you might be saying ” Oh my gosh, whatever.” it is important that you at least familiarize yourself with it so if you don’t go through all of it right now, make sure you go through it later. and your account is created now. Essentially, as soon as you accept those terms, they will go ahead and allow you to have access. But just a quick heads-up: They are not going to allow you to publish to amazon. until you’ve filled out your tax form as well as your bank account information. because they’re gonna need to track taxes as well as pay you, of course.

And they aren’t going to publish anything until you have filled those out.

Click update now under

“Your account information is incomplete”
♥ Select the country you live in.
♥ Now under “Author/Publisher Information,”
♥ you’re gonna fill in with your name,
♥ Mailing address, and phone number

Now, don’t try to fool them with a different type of a mailing address or a fake phone number, Honestly, it’s gonna be in good hands. You’re gonna wanna make sure that you’re giving them accurate information.

Now comes the part of getting kdp paid.

Now, you’re gonna get paid out 60 days after the close of every month. So for instance, all of that you make in January you’re not gonna see until about the beginning of April. Payments come by three different ways and that includes direct deposit, wire transfer, or check. They were gonna get rid of check a while ago but apparently, they’ve held onto that.

Now, there is a minimum threshold in order for you to actually get a check sent to you. So you’re gonna need to make sure that you refer to your region through the KDP help page and see what exactly that threshold is. In the United States, I believe it’s $100

Now comes the tax information and this is quite possibly. the biggest hurdle and unfortunately you’re probably gonna have a lot of questions. You’re gonna drop some inside the comments and i have no issue with that whatsoever.

But I assure you, I am not a tax professional and so,if you have questions about how to fill out these forms, KDP may not help you and i may not be of very much service , so you may want to reach out to a qualified accountant to walk you through some of those steps, to make sure everything is put together just right.

Click KDP Tax Information

Now, for the U.S., you’re gonna be using, either a social security number or an EIN, either a social security number or an EIN also known as an employer identification number. So, if you have a business or an LLC of some sort, you most likely will have an EIN and that’s where you put it. Now, outside of the U.S., you will need a tax ID, you know, if you have no taxes in your region, that’s fantastic. You’re still going to need to get a tax ID number and, again, this is where you’re gonna want to consult an accountant to figure out.

How you get a kdp tax identification number.

Before you think that you’re gonna be able to fool amazon and putting in some fake information and a bunch of random numbers, they do go and they check to make sure everything  and they confirm that it’s all on the up and up before they allow you to publish to their platform.

So you won’t receive any payment from amazon Until they have confirmed all of this information and you won’t be able to publish on amazon. until you’ve done that.

If you have questions and you’re hung up obviously you can drop some inside the comments down below. or you could scroll down to the very bottom of your amazon account and it says contact us.

Left click on that and everything’s fairly intuitive from there.

Hey, I told you i was gonna tell you In fact. I did an entire blog series That walks you from point A to Point B with very little work in between that’s in this very next blog. Go ahead and click that and I’m gonna walk you all the way through from beginning to end. See you there.

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