How to Increase Book Sales in Amazon KDP – 7 Steps


How to Increase Book Sales in Amazon KDP Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is becoming increasingly popular with many writers in modern times. The idea of ​​skipping the dubious process of finding and sending your works to the publisher is truly compelling, especially for new writers.

By June 2021, the size of the KDP Global Fund had reached $ 44.3 million, up from $ 2.5 million lower in July 2014 when Kindle Unlimited launched. This is good news for KDP ebook writers, as this sales growth is expected to continue.

A typical indie writer can make $ 1,000 a year, which is a great start, especially if you want to create more books and build more followers in the future. Some authors can push this up to $ 2,000 a month, especially if they publish a number of popular books.

How to Increase Book Sales in kdp and How to Increase Book Sales in Amazon KDP

1. Write a ‘Complete’ Book

Follow Trends

You feel like you have an author’s block, or you can’t write a good poem that can make you money. The most important thing you can do is follow the styles of successful authors on Amazon KDP. How to Increase Book Sales in Amazon KDP

There are over 16,000+ sections of Amazon. You should find a balance to choose the type that is most popular, but also not so crowded that you have a lot of competition.

Let’s write Thinking of a specific audience kdp


Do not try to impress the general audience, and instead, have some people in mind you want to write to. Having a niche may mean that you are inviting a certain group of people. Write to make sure those people will love your book no matter what.

This way, you make sure you have as many audiences as possible. You don’t need to cater to a general audience as the chances of making everyone love your book are slim, to begin with.

Use Amazon ebook format

Writing your book does not end after the final editing process. You still need to make sure your book format is in good condition to avoid difficulties once your readers have purchased the book. For example, page numbers do not always translate correctly in an ebook that may have a size.

When you sell eBooks, many free tools can convert your text into a well-formatted eBook. You can also do it yourself if you think you can.

You can also sell a paperback version of your work. This may also attract students who prefer to read a textbook rather than a digital version.

2. Have an Attractive Cover

Hire a Graphic Designer

It’s no secret that the cover of your book is one of the most important things in trying to find new readers. You can make your own cover, especially if you are good at photography design, but you can also hire photographers to make sure your cover looks professional.

Your kdp Cover Yourself

Amazon’s Cover Creator is a free tool to help you create your own cover. If you have less money, this is a great option. Provides templates, images and tips to help you create your own cover, both ebooks and paperbacks. This is especially helpful for beginners.

One thing to keep in mind when creating cover is that you should avoid copyright issues and use free works to sell, or pay for.

Subject That Takes Attention

Not only should the cover be attractive in appearance, but you should also have a theme that makes people think about the content of your book. While your topic should be relevant to your book, you might consider adding subtitle, which will give you more information about your book, and differentiate it from other books in your niche.

3. Use Amazon’s KDP Tools

Amazon KDP has many tools that can help indie writers succeed in their area. This is one of the many reasons why so many authors are flocking to Amazon, in addition to their many clients.
Build Your Product –

Create an Author Page on Amazon Author Central

Amazon Author Central Page is a place where your readers know more about you. You should write a well-written history and add an eye-catching profile picture. Your main goal is to make you look professional so that people will be more motivated to buy from you.

You can also link your blog to your Amazon Author page, which is very helpful in building your brand.

KDP Select Program

Kindle Select Program is a free program that expands your audience to include paper customers, unlimited customers and any Amazon Prime member who owns the kindle. Kindle Unlimited customers can rent any number of books per month. Amazon Prime members are entitled to free monthly rental. Although the last two groups are rental clients, these are still the groups that result in exposure to your work, which may increase direct book sales. At the very least, it will result in an increase in revenue or pay per page.

You should be aware that when you sign up for Kindle Select, a digital copy of your book should only be available on Amazon at the time you sign up for the program.

Amazon Best Seller Rank (BSR)

There are online Kindle Best Seller calculators available online that you can use to see how many books you need to sell to become the # 1 best-selling BSR.

For authors with more than one book in the Amazon KDP, you can use this calculator to check which of your books has the potential to go up. Then, you have to focus on advertising that book until it gets to the top.

Once you get to the top, customers are more likely to buy some of your books, especially if they like the first one they read.

4. Get More True Updates

The first thing you should do after publishing your book is to get a lot of authentic updates very quickly. You do not want your book to be ignored by a potential reader just because it has no reviews.

Send Your Books To Bloggers

Many book lovers have become social activists. Most people like to hear their reviews about certain books before buying them. As an author, you can send a free copy of your books to these bloggers and encourage them to write a reliable review.

In addition to having many updates on your book, you also encourage their followers to check out your book. Just make sure you find a blogger who reads the same genre as your book. If you post your book on a blog that has a lot of followers but doesn’t enjoy the type of your book, you may have a rough review that can discourage people from reading.

Invite Friends to Read Your Literature

Your friends and family are the first people to support your book. You can directly ask them to purchase your book and provide an honest review. Although they do not have many followers as promoters, their thoughts and ideas about your book can provide additional insight for potential buyers of your book.

5. Build your followers

As soon as you publish your works, you should start thinking about building your own fans who can support your future books. This is an important step in how to increase book sales quickly.

Connect Students with the First 10% of Your Book

For a new indie writer, the struggle is in trying to get people to read your book.How to Increase Book Sales in Amazon KDP Most consumers do not want to read a recently published book from a stranger. However, with free sample chapters, you can easily persuade people to read about the first 10% of your book and hopefully buy more.

Kindle has a quick web-based email or email preview, which can display other content. This allows potential customers to access a free sample of your book to decide if they will buy it to learn more.

This is important in the way you increase book sales as people want to see for themselves when they buy your book. You should make sure that the first 10% is compelling enough to connect your potential followers easily.

Newsletter Exchanges Authors

Now that you have more followers, you can start having a newsletter to update your readers. However, for many writers, you may feel that there is not enough content in your newsletter. The important thing is to work with other indie writers who have the same status as you so that your works can be presented to other people through each other’s email list.

Multi-author Anthology

One of the most popular ways to expand your fan base is to work with other writers to create an anthology of similar universal works or a collection of similar themes.

6. Advertise Your Book

Even if you are writing an interesting story, it may not get the exposure you want, if no one knows that your book exists.

Have a Communication Presence

One of the advantages of modern times is that it is much easier to advertise your products at such a low price. Clearly, many people like to be able to talk to their favorite writers. One of the best ways to ensure that your readers become your followers is to communicate with them the most.

You can simply have a social media profile where you respond to your readers, or you can have your own Facebook group where you can let your followers post their thoughts and extensive reviews of your activities. Some writers also form groups with a large number of writers in order to attract a wider audience.

Use Blogs

If you do not already have a blog, maybe it’s time to create one. Although many people think that blogs are outdated, they are still extremely useful, especially for writers who want to sell their books. In addition to social media profiles and email subscription lists, professional writers have their own website designed to increase book sales. How to Increase Book Sales in Amazon KDP


Being in the community of readers and writers of the Amazon KDP is one of the most critical steps in successfully marketing your book. Exchanging newsletters and doing multi-anthology activities is a few ways to advertise, but there are other ways, such as using social media profiles of other writers. Cross-Promotion helps other students find new writers whose careers they can enjoy.

7. Repeat Methods That Have Worked For You

Read Your Data

If you have one book that sells well, review what you did well so you can duplicate the pattern. Some people are good at working with other writers, while others are successful with their communication efforts. There are many things to consider, and what works for you may not work for others. How to Increase Book Sales in Amazon KDP

You should read your data and look at where you are doing well in order to re-create features for your other books. Continue to strengthen your strategies and try to improve where necessary.

Try a little harder

You already know what works, but you can also check your data for inactive items. You can start trying to improve yourself and try a little bit to find the perfect formula for how to increase book sales.

Bottom line

The process of how to increase book sales in the Amazon KDP can be very difficult, especially for beginners. However, your effort will surely pay off! (no target 😊)

You should always remember that even if you want more book sales, you still have to enjoy the writing process. Most readers will be able to enjoy your work if you also enjoy writing it.

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