Hire a Stretch Tent Marquee in Cork


Hire a Stretch Tent Marquee in Cork

Tentickle Ireland says it covers the entire island of Ireland! Our fantastic stretch tents can be pitched from Cork to Belfast!

Stretch Tent Hire in Cork: From Tipperary to Waterford and Beyond!

All over Ireland and especially in Cork, stretch tent marquees are very popular! Tentickle Ireland’s teams are often in Cork, Tipperary, and Waterford pitching for all kinds of events from weddings to corporate events!

Here are some of our favorite Cork events!

We make sure to visit some of the great events and festivals that Cork and its surrounding areas have to offer when we are there. Additionally, we were able to improve several of them with our help! We attend the Cork Jazz Festival and the Cork Folk Festival whenever we are in town.

The Jameson Whiskey Distillery in Middleton, The Water Gardens in Thomastown, Kilkenny, and the Ballymaloe Lit Festival of Food and Wine were also helped by us. We love helping out with the Ballymaloe Lit Festival.

Rent a wedding Marquee Hire Cork

Nothing is more beautiful than a wedding in Cork! Tentickle Ireland loves to come down south and assist with amazing weddings. If you’re having a reception on or near the water, or in one of Cork’s beautiful resorts, or an intimate gathering at a wedding venue, our stretch tent marquees are the icing on the cake!

More and more couples are choosing stretch tent marquees for their weddings due to their versatility, beauty, and modern design. Tentickle Ireland has a great selection of stretch tents for your wedding!

Contact us today for your stretch tent marquee in Cork!

Contact us or use our inquiry form at the top of this page if you are looking to hold a wedding, corporate event, or private party in Cork, and we’ll tell you how our stretch tent marquees can make your event stand out!

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