Google New Update: We Will Have More Algorithm Updates, Core Updates, Spam Updates & Other Updates


Google New Update November 2021:- Google’s Danny Sullivan has confirmed that Google will release some updates to the search algorithm. This includes additional key updates, spam updates and other search-related search algorithm. Saying this on Twitter he added that “we have updates all the time.”

Google New Update November 2021

Google New Update November 2021

Danny says:

(1) Google has regular updates. I do not think only when Google confirms them. 🙂

(2) Google will issue “Spam updates, major updates, almost other types” in the future.

(3) Also, Google strives to release these updates so that they do not override other updates. Danny wrote: “And we’ve been working to keep different types of reviews presented separately from each other if we can, so that creators can have a better sense of change.” Google has said this before and we have seen this recently, a few years ago, that Google was making this effort.

We have not had a significant update since July 2021 – so we expect one soon – it will be before the holiday season (i.e., Black Friday). But for now we have a November spam update coming out in the next few days. Maybe we will have an important update next week?

Forum discussion on Twitter.

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