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Because of the many cafes and bars that have sprung up in the area, shisha smoking has been viewed as a harmless past and a harmless pastime.

Many shisha smokers seem to think that the sugary cigarettes they smoke with water pipes (also known as hookah, nargile, or goza) are different from regular cigarettes found in cigarettes. “Since my throat does not seem to be affected by the smoke, it should not be so dangerous. Since it is occasionally smoked, it should not be addictive. As the cigarettes are heated with charcoal and filtered through a water pipe, that is what breathes. smelly water vapor. “

Not right! All of the above are dangerous myths based on very inaccurate facts.

Shisha smoking can actually be more dangerous and dangerous than regular smoking. In a system that lasts about an hour, a smoker’s smoker may inhale a puff of 100 or more cigarettes. So a shisha smoker actually ingests higher levels of harmful chemicals than a regular smoker.

Shisha smokers usually smoke for several hours at a time and often inhale very deep smoke.


The smoke itself is very concentrated and mixed with the smoke and toxins from the coals and the oil used to light the pipe.


The work environment – the fact that friends get together to share smoke – makes it seem like harmless public entertainment when in fact it is an addictive health hazard that affects all users, including passers-by who are unaware of cigarette smoke.

The confusion seems to be fueled by conflicting information suggesting that smoking shisha is safer than smoking cigarettes, especially those promoted by those who advertise the product. However, findings often point to the fact that, like regular cigarettes, smoking shisha increases heart rate and blood pressure, and impairs lung function in the short term.


Perhaps what we should be using is a sensible idea: our lungs were not designed for smoking. They were designed to breathe. So anything you smoke, somehow, will damage your lungs. The pungent smell of hot tar was in the air; it obscured the truth.

Harmful effects of shisha: literature review

Tobacco is the inevitable cause of sickness and death worldwide. The latest infamous method of smoking is shisha. Shisha smoking is also known as water pipe, hookah, and Narghile smoking. The percentage of shisha smokers is growing, reaching rapidly around the globe. A literature review was conducted to obtain all the evidence on the epidemiological variability and health effects of smoking shisha. “Pub med” is used as a search tool to identify all relevant studies conducted worldwide. An overview of the evidence is presented.


Exposure to Shisha smoking is strongly associated with low infant weight, heart rate variability, hyperglycemia, and hypertriglyceridemia. Increased risk of carcinoma is also associated with carcinomas of the pancreas and lungs. In conclusion, this review identifies the causes of several adverse conditions associated with the practice of smoking shisha. It also examines relevant epidemiological diversity worldwide. The review concludes with the importance of enlightening shisha smokers about its harmful effects.


Tobacco is the inevitable cause of sickness and death worldwide. Low- and middle-income countries are the worst affected. Tobacco deaths are expected to decrease by 9% between 2002 and 2030 in high-income countries, but double from 3.4 million to 6.8 million in low- and middle-income countries. Tobacco causes about five million deaths a year worldwide In addition, it is true that half of today’s smokers will die prematurely. Tobacco use is the second leading cause of death and currently the leading cause of death for one in ten adults worldwide. Currently, Shisha’s use of tobacco contributes significantly to the increase in its use, a practice that dates back at least 400 years. These predictions also highlight the need to study the styles and patterns of tobacco use in different ways


Shisha is also known as Narghile, hookah, Hubble bubble, and water pipe in different cultures and countries. It is a form of smoking in which vapor passes through water before inhaling. At present, Shisha is becoming the most popular form of tobacco use worldwide. It originates in the Eastern Mediterranean region and is now gaining popularity in western countries including Australia, the UK, Canada, and the USA. Today’s crowd of shisha smokers include teens, especially university and college students and high school students


Recently shisha was considered a global threat and given the status of an epidemic by public health officials. Cigarette smoke contains more than 4800 different chemicals of which 69 are carcinogens and several others are plant stimulants. It is popular because of the common misconception that the nicotine content in the heat is less than that of cigarettes and that the water used in this method of smoking acts as a filter, removing all harmful chemicals such as CO, nicotine, and tar. This common misconception leads the public to believe that smoking shisha is not a danger to their health and that of others.

The purpose of this review is to explain that smoking using Shisha appears as a “dangerous type” in the “epidemic” of tobacco. The review, therefore, focuses on research related to plumbing epidemiology, health outcomes, and public policy.

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