Does Ceramic Brake Pads Work? How Do I Brake With Ceramic Brake Pads?


It’s important to know how to break in ceramic brake pads if you drive a vehicle with ceramic brake pads. How do ceramic brake pads work? What is the lifespan of ceramic brake pads? Can they be trusted? It will enhance your driving scale if you have some knowledge of it.


Despite the high temperatures, ceramic brake pads do not fade easily. This allows them to recover more quickly. This results in less rotor damage.

As ceramic brake pads wear down, they create a lighter dust than semi-metallic pads, and the dust does not cling to the wheels. Researchers have found that ceramic brake pads have a long life span without sacrificing noise control, rotor life, or performance.

How to break in ceramic brake pads Complete guide

Step A: 

To begin with, use the ceramic brake pads at a speed of around 100 mph. Do not use harder brakes. Heavy braking will damage the brake pads.

Step B: 

Slow the vehicle down to 35 miles per hour while applying moderate pressure to the brakes. Close to zero mph, but don’t completely stop your vehicle. This step should be repeated at least six times, but not more than ten times.


Step C: 

Apply the brakes again after increasing the vehicle speed by 40 to 45 mph (miles per hour). Don’t stop the vehicle, but slow it down to near zero miles per hour (mph).

Repetition is required. You can apply the brakes at 65 mph, according to some ceramic brake pad manufacturers. You should also check the manufacturer’s instructions for your brake pads. Learn more about applying ceramic coatings on the car.



Not all brake pad manufacturers are the same. Some are very similar. Make sure you follow the instructions on your ceramic brake pads manufacturer’s website when braking in the ceramic pads.



Don’t press too quickly or without care. If you do this all the time, it causes your ceramic brake pads to heat up faster and damage to the surface of the brake pads.

Do not put drivers leg on the brake pedal with a little pressure when the car is running.

Be prepared when you using the brake.


increases your ceramic brake pads lifetime

For their brake pads, some manufacturers offer a wide range of effective lifespans. The range starts at 25,000 miles and ends at 65,000 miles. However, ceramic brake pads can last longer.


Keeping in mind some tips to extend the life of your brake pads will depend on how you drive your car. Consider the following tips if you want to get the most out of your ceramic brake pads.


Tips number 1: Slow down ride

You have to break faster when you drive so fast, as peanut butter goes with jelly. Friction increases during fast braking, thus reducing the life of ceramic brake pads.


High speeds also increase the consumption of gasoline. Reduce your car’s speed when you brake. Avoid causing excessive friction to keep your brake pads in good condition.


Tips number 2: Don’t ride your ceramic brake pads

The brake pedal should not be pressed all the way when driving. This is a common practice among young drivers. Set your leg on the footrest if you are feeling lazy.

The brake pedal is meant to stop the car, so don’t use it as a footrest. Drivers who lightly press the brake pedal while driving make more friction on the brakes, which reduces brake life.


Are ceramic brake pads good

Ceramic pads are made of dense ceramic material with copper fibre embedded in them. The manufacturer has been using them since the 1980s. Ceramic brake pads have been developed as an alternative to organic and semi-metallic brake pads. What are their advantages? Ceramic brake pads are generally quieter than the other types.

  • They usually last longer as well.
  • Ceramic brake pads offer better stopping power than other types.
  • They are stable in a wide range of conditions.
  • Ceramic brake pads have a faster recovery time.
  • A variety of particle sizes are available in ceramic brake pads.
  • There is less dust produced by ceramic brake pads.

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