computer full form


computer full form: While there was a time when only computer professionals and IT specialists were familiar with the term “computer” (after all, you had to have a computer in order to read about it), the number of computers in our lives has exploded and so has the amount of information available about them. And, like any fun new trend that catches on quickly, people naturally want to learn everything they can about computers. What is a computer?, What does a computer do?, How does it work? These are all questions that inquisitive minds want answered. While it may be difficult to pinpoint exactly when or how computers came into existence (there’s some debate over who actually invented the first one), we do know what they can do: They can perform complex calculations using mathematical data and process large amounts of information at lightning speed. Computers were originally created as mechanical machines that operated with gears and pulleys; today’s models are electronic devices that use silicon chips instead of gears and pulleys. So what is computer short answer? A COMPUTER is an electronic device used for manipulating data according to a set of instructions known as program , which is stored in memory .

what is computer?

A computer is a machine that is used for storing and retrieving data, performing calculations, and processing information. It does all these things by following a sequence of instructions given to it in the form of software programmes.

A computer can be defined as an electronic device that manipulates data according to a list of instructions (program) stored in its memory.

history of computer

Computer is the machine which works on the basis of instructions given by a user. The word “computer” may be used to mean either a device that computes, or a person who calculates numbers and symbols according to fixed rules.

full form of computer

Computer full form

Computer full form is computer. Computer is a machine that processes data. It performs calculations and stores information. Computers are used in our daily lives to perform various tasks such as word processing or playing games on smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers. The term “computer” means different things to people depending on their background and experience with computers – some may associate it with only one type (mobile phone) while others may have a broader idea of its meaning. For example, an accountant would use the term to refer solely to laptops or desktops while someone who works in tech support might consider smartphones part of the category because they contain similar components such as processors and memory chips (RAM).

computer full form
computer full form

how it works?

A computer is a machine that processes information according to a set of instructions. It can be considered as an electronic device that can store, retrieve and process data. The basic parts of a computer include:

  • Hardware: includes all the physical components of the computer. These include input devices such as keyboard, mouse, display unit; output devices like printer etc.
  • Software: This consists of programs or applications which control hardware resources and perform designated tasks when executed by CPU (Central Processing Unit).It also consists of operating system software along with application software which performs various functions on your computers like word processing etc.

what is a generation of computer?

  • First generation computers:

First generation computers were mechanical and electronic. They were built using vacuum tubes, relays and drum memory. The speed was measured in terms of the number of instructions that could be processed per second (IPPS). For example, ENIAC was able to execute 5,000 instructions per second (IPS).

  • Second generation computers:

Second generation computers were developed during the 1950s using transistors as their main component instead of vacuum tubes because they required less power than a vacuum tube did and had lower failure rates. These transistors were then programmed using magnetic cores instead of relays which worked faster than analog circuits made from non-integrated components such as diodes, capacitors or inductors.* Third generation computers:

Third generation computers were developed during the 1960s by IBM Corporation based on integrated circuits known as “microcode” which allowed them to perform several operations simultaneously.* Fourth generation computers:

Fourth generation computers were created in response to military needs like battlefield planning systems used during war time or simulations for training exercises so that soldiers would not have any surprises when they go into combat.* Fifth Generation Computers (5G): In 2008 IBM announced a project called “Watson” which is basically an artificially intelligent computer system capable of answering questions posed by humans just like Siri does with voice commands today! This new breed of supercomputers will be able to solve complex problems typically reserved only for human intelligence such as understanding language at a level far beyond what we have seen before!#6

Find The COMPUTER Full Form

Computer is a device that is used to store and retrieve data. Computer is a machine that is used to store and retrieve data.

The definition of computer varies according to context.

In common usage, the term “computer” refers to any general purpose device which manipulates data according to a set of instructions and rules called program.

A computer can be defined as an electronic device for processing information, performing prescribed mathematical operations, or controlling the operation of other devices (e.g., as in automation).

What Is The Full Form Of COMPUTER?

Computer full form means a machine that can store, retrieve and manipulate data. Computer is a device that can process data. A computer is a machine that can store, retrieve and manipulate data.

Find The Meaning Of COMPUTER

A computer is a machine that can process data and follow instructions. It does arithmetic operations, stores and retrieves information.

The human brain works in a similar way to the computer’s central processing unit (CPU) – by gathering data from its environment and interpreting it based on past experiences. However, unlike a computer, our brains lack a method for storing information for later use; so we instead rely on our short-term memory to do this job for us.

Find The Meaning Of COMPUTER

The word Computer is a shortened form of the word computing machine. A computer is an electronic device that accepts data, processes it according to a set of instructions, and provides the results of this processing in a form that is useful for the operator.

A computer may be used to control other equipment or to represent information symbolically. The most familiar type of computers are those based on the stored program design, which were invented by John von Neumann in 1948.

Categorization on the basis of generation

  • Computer Full Form

A computer full form is the complete name of a computer. It is a set of words that has a specific meaning and can be used to refer to the particular type of computer. The full form of any computer consists of two parts:

(1) Brand name, which is also known as trademark or brand name. Examples include PC, Laptop, Tablet etc; and

(2) Model number/name (if any).

What is computer Short answer?

Computer is a machine that accepts input, processes data and produces output. Computers can be classified into two types:

  • An electronic device that performs high-speed mathematical and logical operations
  • A device that can store, retrieve and process data, communicate with people and control other devices

What are the 7 types of computers?

  • mainframes: Designed for large applications and data processing, mainframes are the biggest and most powerful computers. They’re used by businesses and government agencies to store large amounts of data and run complex applications.
  • minicomputers: Minicomputers are the middle-sized option in between mainframes and microcomputers. Their name comes from their “mini” size compared to big ones like mainframes, but they’re still bigger than microcomputers.
  • supercomputers: Supercomputers are even more powerful than minicomputers—so much so that they can do millions of calculations per second! They’re ideal for tasks like weather forecasting as well as biomedical research.
  • workstations: Workstations aren’t quite as large or fast as supercomputers, but they can handle a lot more processing power than regular PCs (or desktop computers). Some companies even purchase these kinds of computers just for certain types of applications or tasks because it saves them money over buying multiple smaller machines instead.

What is Introduction to Computer?

Computer full form is the introduction to computer. The computer system is an electronic device that works based on a very complex logic, it has all the programs and commands stored in a memory, which makes it easy for the user to access them and run them through the processor. When you use your laptop or desktop, it’s actually running millions of instructions at a time in order for everything on screen to show up correctly.

Computers have been around since 1940s when they were used by huge companies like NASA and Harvard University only as mainframe computers. Later on these were replaced by personal computers (PC) which are now available at every home in America today!

What is computer full form?

In short, the computer is a machine that stores, processes and retrieves data. A computer can store and retrieve very large amounts of data using its memory. It uses CPU (Central Processing Unit) to process data.

The most important parts of a computer are CPU, RAM and Hard Disk Drives (HDDs).

What are the uses of computer?

Computers are used for a wide range of applications, such as business, education, entertainment and communication. In this article we will talk about these uses in detail:

  • Computers can be used in the following ways:
  • Social Networking: A computer is used to socialize with friends and family through chat rooms and instant messaging services like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. This is especially common among teenagers who spend most of their time chatting with friends on social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter.
  • Entertainment: A computer is also capable of providing entertainment by playing games like Fifa 18 on PS4 Pro (PlayStation 4 Pro) or Xbox One S (Xbox One S). Games consoles like PS4 Pro allow you access thousands of video game titles while the Xbox One S allows you play Blu-ray discs along with DVD movies using its built in DVD drive .

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