Top 10 Must-Have 4×4 Accessories You Need In Australia


There’s a long list of off-road tracks around the world. But to the off-road enthusiasts, the Australian outback is arguably the number one favourite destination of them all. Be it the Cape York Track or the Gibb River Road, Australia has become the 4x4ing paradise for all the adventure lovers. And a quality 4WDing certainly needs high-quality 4×4 accessories.

No matter whether you are a moderate off-road enthusiast or a beginner, you need to know which 4WD accessories you’d require to survive in the wild Australian outback. That’s why we have scoured through everything the experts had to say and created a compact list of such accessories to make your off-roading experience fun and enjoyable.

Essential 4×4 Accessories For the Australian Outback

Bull bars

Driving on an outback trail is all about hurdles and obstacles. These obstacles may come in many forms – a thumping kangaroo, an unusual boulder on a turn, or a fellow off-roader. Barging into any of these may cause a great deal of damage to your car. The only way to protect your 4WD is to install a bull bar.

The main purpose of a bull bar is to protect your car front from a collision, particularly with an animal. Although you may see some dents and scratches after a collision, the major portion of the impact is absorbed by the bull bar accessories. So the vulnerable engine components at the front remain intact. It is also the first line of defence against rocks, logs, and small trees while traversing an overgrown track.

But before purchasing a bull bar, you need to know if you really need one. Because bull bars have a couple of downsides to them. For instance, the weight of these bars puts more stress on your load capacity and fuel consumption. So go for a bull bar if/when you absolutely need one. You should check for a couple of things before choosing a specific bull bar model for your 4WD. Check the strength, weight, winch compatibility, spotlight and LED light bar compatibility, and antenna options before purchasing a bull bar. And considering all these factors, the best you could get is a Hamer King Series Plus bull bar. Another handy option is the Option 4×4 bull bar.

About Us

Project 4X4 was created by off-road enthusiasts who shared genuine love and passion for riding off the track. Hence, we offer only the best-in-class 4X4 off road parts and accessories to our customers with a top-notch installation service. Because we know how important it is to have the best accessories while driving off the track.We are here to provide only the best-quality 4X4 accessories to our customers. That’s why our product selection process goes under some strict guidelines and tests. 

Lift Kits

Lift kits, also known as suspension lift kits, are a 4WD modification to elevate the overall height of your rig to an extra few inches. 4×4 cars or trucks have a standard height considering the total weight of the vehicle. But when you add other accessories to it, the vehicle certainly gets heavier, weighing on the suspension system. This overweight may prevent you from driving on rough terrains. When you install a lift kit, you get increased ground clearance to avoid your undercarriage from the rough road surface. It also gives you higher traction, better visibility, and a smoother ride. One other benefit of having a lift kit is that it enables you to use bigger tires and assists you with towing.

If you are planning on purchasing a lift kit for your 4×4, but don’t know which one to choose, try Dobinson or Tough Dog. These are two reliable names in this industry.

Sports Roll Bars

When you are on the off-road track, the road is destined to get bumpy. Or else, you wouldn’t have chosen to ride on it, right? But with bumps and steep sections, there comes another thing – the chance of rolling your rig sideways. When you are trying to climb up a hilly track, it has just stopped raining and the boulders are still wet, your tires have a high chance of skidding. A wrong brake and kaboom! Your 4WD is already rolling down the hill. If this happens, your 4×4’s body and the cargo will be damaged with the possibility of the driver and passengers being hurt. A sports roll bar protects both the car and the passenger in case of a rollover. Added functionality – these things give a great look to your 4×4 beast.

Hamer is a trusted name in the arena of roll bars. You may go for the Hamer Hector roll bar, Knight Series roll bar, or Titanium Series roll bar.


A snorkel is one of the most important 4×4 accessories while riding through any sort of water. Engines need an air intake mechanism to work effectively. This mechanism is installed usually on the inner guard or the front grille of your car. But when you’re riding through water, the air intake vents might submerge under water. If this happens, your engine will be seized. To prevent such situations, a snorkel is fitted to raise the air intake point to a higher level so that the airflow remains uninterrupted.


If you find yourself stuck and alone, a winch could be your greatest companion. With its help, you can get out of the trouble you are in. It allows you to pull yourself up using an anchor point in the vicinity. It is normally fitted to the bull bar. You may find two categories of winches – electric and hydraulic. Our bias is a little bit toward the hydraulic models. Be sure to check if the winch has the capacity to pull the total weight of your vehicle including all the passengers, gears, accessories, and fuel.

Fender Flares

Number 6 on our list of essential 4×4 accessories is fender flares. Some might think that it is only important for its aesthetic value, but the reality is quite the opposite. If you have installed a larger tire, you must install a fender flare, or else it will be a punishable offence. Moreover, these flares prevent rotating tires to hurl rocks, dust, and debris while driving and help to hide damages and rust on the wheel well. Most Australian off-roaders love EGR fender flares for their high-quality build and easy, no-drill installation.

The Australian outback could be the ultimate destination for all the off-road lovers in the world. And with the right 4×4 accessories, you may have an experience of a lifetime. Confused about what to choose? Contact Project 4×4 to get expert suggestions today.

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